Product & Design Quality - Great! Personalized Sunglasses looked better than expected!

Customer Service & Shipping - Received sooner than expected!

5 star
Mr. Jaime Bloch

Product & Design Quality - Everyone was very impressed with the sunglasses and were surprised by the low price!

Customer Service & Shipping - The custom sunglasses arrived a day before they were supposed to. Overall, very impressed!

Mr. David Petrie

Product & Design Quality - These glasses were much better than we expected. They are nice quality, sturdy and the printing is very clear.

Customer Service & Shipping - Customer service was great and shipping was super fast! We would definitely re-order from here again!

5 star
Beverly Werdin
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Custom Printed Wedding Sunglasses
Model - SG220050
as low as $0.66 $0.63
177 reviews
Custom Imprinted Wedding Party Sunglasses
Model - SG230415
Order as low as 24 PCS
as low as $0.60
400 reviews
Custom Imprinted Classic Style Party Sunglasses
Model - SG230932
Custom Imprinted Glow in the Dark Sunglasses w/ Clear Lenses
Model - SG231086
Wedding Party Favor & Promotional Logo Lenses Imprinted Sunglasses
Model - SG231048
Customized Kids Party Sunglasses
Model - SG23935
as low as $0.53
1 review
Customized Malibu Wedding Sunglasses Assortment
Model - SG231084
Order as low as 24 PCS
as low as $1.03 $0.75
7 reviews
Customized Red Checkered Glasses
Model - SG23936
Customized Party Rock Glasses Assortment
Model - SG23940
Personalized Classic Sunglasses - Blue
Model - SG23964
Order as low as 24 PCS
as low as $0.63
3 reviews
Personalized Classic Sunglasses - Purple
Model - SG23973
Personalized Classic Sunglasses - Pink
Model - SG23974
Personalized Classic Sunglasses - Orange
Model - SG23975
Personalized Classic Sunglasses - Red
Model - SG23977
Order as low as 24 PCS
as low as $0.63
3 reviews
Personalized Blues Brothers Sunglasses - Blue
Model - SG23981
Personalized Blues Brothers Sunglasses - Green
Model - SG23982
Personalized Blues Brothers Sunglasses - Pink
Model - SG23983
Personalized Blues Brothers Sunglasses - Purple
Model - SG23985
Personalized Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses
Model - SG231004
Customized Eye Candy Sunglasses - Translucent Yellow
Model - SG231018
Customized Eye Candy Sunglasses - Translucent Blue
Model - SG231020
Customized Pixel Glasses Assortment
Model - SG231023
Wham Kids Pink Personalized Oahu Sunglasses
Over $400
Model - SG231056
Bachelorette Wedding Red Custom Lens Imprinted Sunglasses
Over $400
Customized Bride Wedding Black Malibu Sunglasses
Model - SG221785
Custom Wedding Sunglasses Bride and Groom
Over $400
Model - SG231064
Lips White Wedding Malibu Sunglasses
Model - SG221790
Love Wedding Party Black Malibu Sunglasses
Model - SG221791
Imprinted Classic Style Party Sunglasses White with White
Model - SG231091
Imprinted Classic Style Party Sunglasses Blue With Blue
Model - SG231088
Custom Light Up LED Flashing Sunglasses
Model - SG90107
Promotional RB-Revo Blues Brothers Style Sunglasses
Model - SG30122
Promotional Heart Shaped Light Up LED Sunglasses
Model - SG90113
Custom Imprinted LED Rainbow Glasses
Model - SG231212
Custom Printed Blues Brothers Sunglasses
Model - SG231194
Promotional Assorted Cool Shades LED Party Glasses
Model - SG90128
Customized Slotted EL Wire Glow Shades - Blue & Pink
Model - SG90117
Personalized Guitar Shaped Red LED Sunglasses
Model - SG90116
Custom Printed Slotted LED Sunglasses
Model - SG90108
Promotional Jade Light Up Glow Sunglasses
Model - SG90103
Custom Imprinted Bolle Molly Sunglasses
Model - SG30114
Personalized Panama Sunglasses
Model - SG221740
Custom Imprinted Serengeti Isola Sunglasses
Model - SG30118
Custom Imprinted Cool Shades LED Sunglasses
Model - SG90122
Custom Printed LED Cat Eye Funky Sunglasses
Model - SG90124
Promotional Logo Multicolor LED Flashing Sunglasses
Model - SG90109
Promotional Red White & Blue Flashing LED Star Sunglasses
Model - SG90121
Custom Imprinted Light Up LED Pumpkin Sunglasses
Model - SG90102
Custom Printed Accent Wrap Sunglasses
Model - SG30104
Custom Oak Camo Frame Wrap Sunglasses
Model - SG30116

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Personalized Sunglasses Party Favors 

Be it a wedding, birthday or any other individual or business celebration, you can rely on these colorful custom printed sunglasses for making a difference to the celebration. This collection features “low cost” and most hot selling party sunglasses. We are proud to say that all these fabulous imprinted party sunglasses are our best sellers which indicate that our team and collection are always in celebratory fervor and mood. 

Wedding Sunglasses Collections!

Going by trends, sunglasses as wedding favors printed with the name of bride and groom are extremely popular to masses because they add a large dose of oomph to celebrations. Be it a white church wedding, theme wedding, beach wedding, seasonal wedding or oriental wedding, you can easily round off the celebrations by giving away sunglasses personalized with the bride and groom's name. Foldable Blues Brother Styles, Assortment glasses, pixel sunglasses, kids Blues Brother Style Sunglasses, slotted sunglasses, and Oahu sunglasses are also in demand throughout the year. Today, individuals and marketers have understood that giving away cool personalized sunglasses party favors is the only way to foster relationships and strengthen bonds.

Whether you offer these colorful sunglasses during tradeshows, parades, or as wedding favors, it is for sure that each recipient will look trendy wearing them! Our reps are always ready to help you and ensure that your hard-earned dollars are utilized wisely and that your imprint always looks sunny.

You can contact our reps at 855-657-4233 or mail them at You can avail the benefits of ffree online design proof and free design assistance on ordering any of these party custom sunglasses offered here.


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