Product & Design Quality - Great! Personalized Sunglasses looked better than expected!

Customer Service & Shipping - Received sooner than expected!

5 star
Mr. Jaime Bloch

Product & Design Quality - Everyone was very impressed with the sunglasses and were surprised by the low price!

Customer Service & Shipping - The custom sunglasses arrived a day before they were supposed to. Overall, very impressed!

Mr. David Petrie

Product & Design Quality - These glasses were much better than we expected. They are nice quality, sturdy and the printing is very clear.

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5 star
Beverly Werdin
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Custom Imprinted Wedding Party Sunglasses
Model - SG230415
Order as low as 24 PCS
as low as $0.84
455 reviews
Personalized Rubberized Sunglasses
Model - SG221813
as low as $0.74 $0.67
191 reviews
Personalized Classic Party Sunglasses
Model - SG23995
Order as low as 24 PCS
as low as $0.84
455 reviews
Custom Printed Neon Sunglasses w/ 4 Colors
Model - SG23049
Order as low as 24 PCS
as low as $0.84
57 reviews
Customized White Frame Classic Sunglasses w/ 9 Colors
Model - SG231133
Custom Oahu Sunglasses
Model - SG23994
Order as low as 24 PCS
as low as $1.19 $1.11
45 reviews
Promotional Plastic Sunglasses Custom Imprinted
Model - SG231186
Custom Imprinted Malibu Sunglasses
Model - SG22037
as low as $1.89 $1.18
59 reviews
Custom Printed Malibu Sunglasses Assortment
Model - SG23097
Best Value | Custom Rubberized Sunglasses
Model - SG22005
as low as $0.74 $0.67
191 reviews
Custom Imprinted Glow in the Dark Sunglasses w/ Clear Lenses
Model - SG231086
Two-Tone Malibu Sunglasses w/  12 Colors
Model - SG2201725
as low as $1.93
3 reviews
Customized Clear Malibu Glasses with 6 Colors
Model - SG221801
Promotional Soleil Sunglasses with 2 Colors
Model - SG221848
Customized Classic Sunglasses - Blue
Model - SG23934
Order as low as 24 PCS
as low as $0.84
57 reviews
Customized Classic Sunglasses - Purple
Model - SG23943
Customized Classic Sunglasses - Green
Model - SG23942
Customized Classic Sunglasses - Pink
Model - SG23944
Custom Imprinted Solid Classic Sunglasses
Model - SG230411
Order as low as 24 PCS
as low as $0.84
19 reviews
Customized Classic Sunglasses - Orange
Model - SG23945
Customized Classic Sunglasses - Yellow
Model - SG23946
Customized Classic Sunglasses - Red
Model - SG23947
Order as low as 24 PCS
as low as $0.84
3 reviews
Racer Style Black Imprinted Sunglasses
Model - SG30013
Custom Sunglass Snake Wrap Black Nylon
Model - SG30099
Customized PRO-Navigator Sunglass
Model - SG30097
Custom Printed Peace Neon Sunglasses
Model - SG23092
Custom Imprinted Sunglasses with Logo
Model - SG22035
Custom Imprinted Oahu Sunglasses w/ 8 Colors
Model - SG50106
Custom Printed Retro Sunglasses
Model - SG50107
as low as $1.10
2 reviews
Custom Printed Sunglass Straps
Model - SG22006

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Custom printed sunglasses offered at are special due to the following reasons:

  • A vast collection of good quality and authentic looking custom printed sunglasses/party glasses that exude style and oomph!
  • 360° Goodwill Creation - Customization offered on lenses, arms and frames.
  • Unlimited Combinations - You can grab sunglasses in various colors with countless bright imprint options.
  • Fast turnaround time on custom printed sunglasses.
  • Best Buy Pricing - You can avail the best prices on bulk orders.

This section features our best sellers such as metal rims, classic Navigators, mirrored lenses, crazy neons, wedding sunglasses and funky novelty sunglasses. All these sunglasses are packed with high optic verve. These timeless sunglasses have transcended the trend and are oozing with poise that is why they are everyone's favorite.

This custom imprinted sunglasses collection not only introduces customers to best sellers but also helps to seek them a fashionable eyewear at reasonable prices. 

If you have any doubt about any of these best sellers or wish to know about the current hot favorites or seasonal favorites, feel free to call us at 855-657-4233 or [email protected].


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