Product & Design Quality - Great! Looked better than expected!Customer Service & Shipping - Received sooner than expected!

5 star
5 star
Mr. Jaime Bloch

Product & Design Quality - Everyone was very impressed with the sunglasses and were surprised by the low price!Customer Service & Shipping - The sunglasses arrived a day before they were supposed to. Overall, very impressed!

Mr. David Petrie

Product & Design Quality - Very pleased with the end product.

Customer Service & Shipping - Customer service was first-rate.

Anita Williams

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Product & Design Quality - Great price for a good product

Customer Service & Shipping - Shipping was good. Most customer service was good

Susan Kendrick

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Product & Design Quality - Perfect.

Customer Service & Shipping - Perfect.

Kaitlyn Englehardt

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Product & Design Quality - great

Customer Service & Shipping - great

Linda Vincent

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Product & Design Quality - Terrible, now I know why theres only 5 star ratings on these products, they dont let 1 star ratings post...

Customer Service & Shipping - With whats being said above, 1-2 weeks has passed since I called/emailed and still no response...

Brian Ong

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Product & Design Quality - Clean and durable!

Customer Service & Shipping - Excellent every time!

Julie Palizo

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Product & Design Quality - I like what I saw on line. The proof looked very good and appeared to meet my expectations. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Customer Service & Shipping - Sarah did a great job helping me through the selection and customization process

Brian Paras

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Product & Design Quality - I ordered these sunglasses for a MADD Walk on 10/20, but have been testing a pair since the shipment arrived. I have received several compliments, and the sunglasses seem to be holding up well so far. At this stage, I am most happy with my order.

Customer Service & Shipping - My order was delivered ahead of schedule.

Denise VanCleef

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Product & Design Quality - Sunglass Ville did everything they said they would do! Great customer Service, received two very quick calls after I placed the order. Answered every question I could think of and I usually ask a lot of questions. Proof was quick and correct. And, the glasses I ordered exceeded expectation. I was expecting kind of a gag / fun pair and glasses and they were so good they exceeded expectations. I am going to use them as a golf game handout. Very professional!!!! Thank you to every one who had a hand in producing my order. If I had your names I would give you an individual shout out. It was that good!

Customer Service & Shipping - They did everything they said they would do!

Brett Brough

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Product & Design Quality - One critique, the design center view differs from the proof view that was sent upon submitting our design. In the end, the results were the same, but the proof did cause some concern, as it was not as clear. The proof view would be better served as a straight-on view of the arm band, and NOT an angled view.

Customer Service & Shipping - Everyone was extremely accessible and helpful.

Harrison Shook

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Product & Design Quality - Great Product

Customer Service & Shipping - Great Service

Valmik Bhatt

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Product & Design Quality - Excellent

Customer Service & Shipping - Excellent

Sherice Arman

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Product & Design Quality - Great like last time we ordered!

Customer Service & Shipping - Fast and efficient processing and delivery.

Lisa Mann

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Product & Design Quality - Wonderful! Great quality for the price!

Customer Service & Shipping - We requested that our items arrive within a deadline and they showed up quicker than expected!

Christine Keane

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Product & Design Quality - Love these quality, individually wrapped ,adult size UV sunglasses! Very nice for my daughters wedding reception

Customer Service & Shipping - From the moment I contacted them I had excellent , efficient communication. Shipping was super fast.

Mary Angelo

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Product & Design Quality - Very pleased

Customer Service & Shipping - Professionally handled and fast

Thejuana Wilson

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Product & Design Quality - Excellent.

Customer Service & Shipping - Excellent. I would work with SunglassVille again as well as recommend them.

Karen Metz

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Product & Design Quality - Perfect for a day event. Sturdy and looked cool.

Customer Service & Shipping - Delivered with plenty of time to spare. No wondering when they would arrive as I was getting updates on my phone where they were in production.

Sarah Stahl

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Product & Design Quality - Excellent!

Customer Service & Shipping - Greatcustomerservice!

Jena Blankenship

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Product & Design Quality - Clean and durable!

Customer Service & Shipping - Excellent every time!

Julie Palizo

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Product & Design Quality - High quality

Customer Service & Shipping - Shipped on time.

Rudy Riojas

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Product & Design Quality - They were very helpful in working with our logo to make it work on the print area.

Customer Service & Shipping - All contact with customer service was excellent!

Jennifer Hughes

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Product & Design Quality - Used it for my wedding as party favor with good quality for the price

Customer Service & Shipping - Easily able to speak with customer service

Marieven Laurio

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Product & Design Quality - Great!

Customer Service & Shipping - Great!

Susan Plaisance

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Product & Design Quality - EXCELLENT

Customer Service & Shipping - SUPERB!

Ruth Deras

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Product & Design Quality - Great quality for cost of product

Customer Service & Shipping - Customer service did a great job of answering our questions and packaged product was in great shape

Chantal Gerst

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Product & Design Quality - I ordered these as guest favors for our beach wedding and they are PERFECT! You may want to purchase extra - everyone you know is going to want a pair! Nothing better than a fun AND useful way to remember your special day. The printing came out exactly as I requested and they look even better in person!

Customer Service & Shipping - Bet customer service of 4 companies I called. I would hands down order from them again over others and trust their team, shipping speed, packaging methods to keep my items from becoming damaged, and the cost. This is a total package type of company. Trust me, I called enough places and did my homework - you'll be happy you spend your money here!

Chandon Byler

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Product & Design Quality - Glasses are amazing, quality of the frames and lenses are incredible. The people who we've given them a way too say they same thing. Will be ordering more

Customer Service & Shipping - Really can't say enough here. We found after we got hosed over by another company. has customer service figured out. They were prompt with online chat, worked super hard to find a solution for the product & dates we needed. Even followed up with a phone call when we lost connection and rushed our order with no hidden fees. They made it SOOO EASY. It's how business should be. Thank You

Jared Fredrickson

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Product & Design Quality - exactly what we asked for and our second order.

Customer Service & Shipping - Great shipping with extra packing to keep things safe

Peg Nittskoff

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Product & Design Quality - Great!

Customer Service & Shipping - Customer service was over the top!

Jessica Zellner

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Product & Design Quality - Great

Customer Service & Shipping - Great

Marilyn Seidl

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Product & Design Quality - I’m beyond happy with my purchase. The design was exactly how I wanted it and looked even better in person! The quality was fantastic. Most importantly everyone loved them!

Customer Service & Shipping - Customer service responded quickly and efficient. They exceeded my expectations on design and making sure I received them before my events date. Thank you!

Lauren Nelson

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Product & Design Quality - LOL ROLF!!

Customer Service & Shipping - Best Glasses Ever!!

Ye Illumiantor

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Product & Design Quality - Awesome work !

Customer Service & Shipping - Right on time.

Michael Phillips

Product & Design Quality - Excellent sunglasses, perfect for guest favors.

Customer Service & Shipping - Shipped quickly. We are very pleased with the service. Thank you.

Susanna McGrath

Product & Design Quality - Exactly as described!

Customer Service & Shipping - Excellent customer service! Answered all my questions and returned emails and phone calls quickly. Shipped quickly received the order in 3 days with standard shipping!

LaCarol Barnes

Product & Design Quality - Just as advertised. Pleasantly surprised.

Customer Service & Shipping - Quick. Not a problem.

Daniel Graham

Product & Design Quality - Great quality and the letters printed on the glasses were exactly as the preview design

Customer Service & Shipping - Great service and quick turnaround.

Lisette Torres

Product & Design Quality - Very happy with my product

Customer Service & Shipping - Very good and fast service


Product & Design Quality - Excellent

Customer Service & Shipping - Excellent

Peter Huson

Product & Design Quality - Everytime I hand out a pair of sunglasses to a kid they love them they are adorable and they fit all frame of faces

Customer Service & Shipping - The customer service and the shipping was so phenomenal this is why I will be reordering my third shipment pretty soon here you guys rock

Necie Randle

Product & Design Quality - Fantastic! Products were easy to find at a reasonable price and the design process was far easier than I thought it would be.

Customer Service & Shipping - My customer service contact, Tim, was beyond amazing! We had an issue with the original adult sized glasses and he was quick to notify me and help me find an alternative. Shipping was right on time!

Rebecca Virden

Product & Design Quality - They were perfect! Surprisingly the sunglasses are comfortable and the quality is much better than anticipated. Well worth the investment for our event.

Customer Service & Shipping - Very helpful on the phone and online chat was great.

David Wells

Product & Design Quality - They kids in Peru thought they were the neatest thinks. The look on their faces was priceless.

Customer Service & Shipping - The only thing I can think of is to notify the customer by email when shipment has left your warehouse and send a tracking number so the customer can track the package

Susan Willingham

Product & Design Quality - Excellent!!

Customer Service & Shipping - Great and very easy experience!!

Lauren Gale Napach

Product & Design Quality - For client trade shows, these are always well received and hot giveaways

Customer Service & Shipping - Great customer service to complete order and confirm shipping to show site

Dan Falcone

Product & Design Quality - Amazing quality! I was very impressed with how well they were made for such a large quantity and price!

Customer Service & Shipping - Very friendly and were shipped as soon as they were produced....

Shirley Bray

Product & Design Quality - Good

Customer Service & Shipping - Everything arrived on time. The only thing to improve would be automatically providing a tracking number over email/online once the order shipped. I had to call customer service to get this.

Michael Walker

Product & Design Quality - LOVE!!!

Customer Service & Shipping - great

Jennifer Burke

Product & Design Quality - good, they are for a bunch of college kids so I need them to be durable enough to last until they inevitably lose them.

Customer Service & Shipping - excellent service and shipping. I had trouble with something and placed a call for help. I was helped immediately and they followed up to make sure I got what I wanted. There is not one thing more they could have done to make this a better experience.

Keller Shinholser

Product & Design Quality - These white sunglasses were double the price of the Black Blues Brothers sunglasses but they were worth it. My fiancee and I wanted white sunglasses with clear lenses and these Malibu Glasses were the only ones to offer that combination. I could tell from the description that the glasses were made of a superior material-polycarbonate. When received I compared them to a Blues Brothers glasses I had from before and you could really tell the difference. The Blues Brothers were a cheaper plastic vs the Malibu sunglasses a higher quality material. Also the Malibu had UVA lenses, which is pretty important for wearing in the day. The imprint came out exactly as viewed before the order. I am very happy with these glasses as these were purchased for our wedding. Because they are really great quality you could even wear them on a regular basis vs tossing them to the side.

Customer Service & Shipping - Came as advertised, very quick, safe and intact.

Tuoc Dao

Product & Design Quality - Excellent!!

Customer Service & Shipping - Great and very easy experience!!

Lauren Gale Napach

Product & Design Quality - The sunglasses looked great. The logo had the perfect color green.

Customer Service & Shipping - Eric Kim was great in assisting us with our order and us receiving it in time for our event. We will be ordering from you again. Thank you. Michigan State University

Terri Davis

Product & Design Quality - 144

Customer Service & Shipping - good

David Bade

Product & Design Quality - excellent

Customer Service & Shipping - excellent

Carolyn DeCaprio

Product & Design Quality - Great ... Kids love them!

Customer Service & Shipping - Great ... will order again!

Brian Whiteleather

Product & Design Quality - The product was great! I organize a weekly open mic and I hand out novelty products but I only need approximately 2 or 3 dozen. I love your products, but the selection is VERY limited because of the minimum required to order a lot of the pieces (especially some of the custom pieces). Please let me know if you ever change your policies or run a special.

Customer Service & Shipping - received my order very quickly and had a great experience with customer service.

Devora Cohen

Product & Design Quality - great

Customer Service & Shipping - fine

Jamie Ciccero

Product & Design Quality - Quick feedback and great product

Customer Service & Shipping - Tracking information provided and great customer service

Lisa Stokes

Product & Design Quality - The design was exactly spot on!! The quality of the glasses was great as well! When my kids aren't wearing them, I do!

Customer Service & Shipping - Customer service was always available and when I needed to change quantities, there was no problem! Production and shipping were amazingly fast! Thanks so much for the great service!!

Janna Cohen

Product & Design Quality - Good quality for the price.

Customer Service & Shipping - Customer service contacted us to let us know they needed to restock the color we needed. That allowed us to plan ahead, and we still received the sunglasses in plenty of time for our event. They were a hit!

Brittany Petersen

Product & Design Quality - Just what I asked for!

Customer Service & Shipping - Good

Rachel Knowles

Product & Design Quality - Good in design

Customer Service & Shipping - Fine

Basil M Mathew

Product & Design Quality - This order worked out well .. great product!

Customer Service & Shipping - Over the top in professionalism and easy to work with!

Michael Anderson

Product & Design Quality - Fantastic product and printing. Absolutely love the glasses.

Customer Service & Shipping - Sunglassville shipped the order incorrectly (this was our 4th yr making this same order, an assortment of each available color). Upon receiving the incorrect order, I notified our rep via email. It took our rep two days to respond, asking what action he should take, to which I immediately responded, asking for the original correct order to be fulfilled. When he didn't respond in another 4 days, I followed up, at which point he responded telling me they could not fulfill the order correctly in the time before my event (11 days). I called and spoke to a manager who escalated it to production and promised my correct order would ship later that week, on July 12, with next-day delivery and arrive for our July 14 event date. The correct order did ship on July 12, but Sunglassville incorrectly shipped it via standard service. Our correct order arrived July 14, three days after our event and one month after I approved the proof.

Jeff Peoples

Product & Design Quality - Everything looked great!

Customer Service & Shipping - Shipped even earlier than stated!

Diane Allen

Product & Design Quality - the glasses were of good quality and a big hit among our staff

Customer Service & Shipping - timely and great customer service, i would purchase from you again

Teresa Woods

Product & Design Quality - These glasses were perfect for our company event that was held outdoors! Everyone loved them--they were a hit!

Customer Service & Shipping - Very quick turnaround time! Received them a week before my deadline date!

Andrea Martin


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