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Custom Sunglasses- Boost your Brand Image on A Budget

If you think good promotional items come with a hefty price tag, you are in for surprise with budget friendly giveaways like custom sunglasses. They are fun, functional and above all cost effective.
Sunglasses with your logo will not just promote your brand but show your outdoorsy prospects that you care for their well being and eye safety. It is also available in a palette of colors and a range of fashion forward models like party sunglasses that drive up the party profile of your recipients. Sunglasses with UV resistant lenses will also help them to stay UV safe.

Sunglasses will take your message wherever your recipients go

The high level of portability that sunglasses enjoy make them branding tool sans parallel. Sunglasses are great for the beach, pool, sporting events, concerts, parties and more. The best part is that party sunglasses are a great hit among both kids and adults. Afterall, who doesn’t like to pose for their selfies and party snapshots in these sunglasses?

Sunglasses are highly visible

In addition, sunglasses will keep your logo in the strategic eye level of people around, thereby ensuring ample exposure. These accessories always remain high in the fashion index and are popular among both men and women of all age groups. So, marketers can confidently order sunglasses in bulk for all their upcoming events.


Sunglasses never go out of fashion as the trends keep coming back. Even retro themed and the 80s oversized sunglasses are still tagging high among the fashion savvy audience. Some models like navigator sunglasses inspired by the original pilot sunglasses with hallmark tear drop lenses are obviously classic choices as both business gifts and party favors alike. Available in various color choices, these sunglasses win hands down as classic promotional swag and party favors alike.

UV Protection

Keeping the sun away from eyes is a daunting task for the outdoorsy crowd. Sunglasses help people see easily even in blinding sun while enhancing their style. Whether it is driving , fishing or hiking, sunglasses will help people enjoy life outdoors without compromising on their fashion sense.Most sunglasses have UV resistant lenses that will keep off 99% UV rays from the eyes and help protect the eyes from UV damage. These invisible UV rays of the sun that exist in the atmosphere in all seasons.

For promotions

Custom sunglasses as promotional merchandise is not something new . Moreover, it is a proven way to market your business while turning the recipients into your brand ambassadors. It’s a win-win!

Budget friendly

Sunglasses are available in various price rates starting at prices of only a few cents . Thus, it is a budget-friendly way to get your business ahead in the game.

Here are some crowd favorites of all times

Gradient sunglasses

These sunglasses with two tone lenses are one of the most popular choices among the outdoorsy. The gradient color pattern will thus keep the sun’s rays away from the eyes effectively without compromising on the fashion quotient.

Kids sunglasses

When should adults have all the outdoor fun afterall? Check out this diverse range of kids sunglasses in various models like blue brothers sunglasses. Offered in a wide range of colors, kids sunglasses are also great giveaways to promote camps, graduation events, and more!

Patriotic Sunglasses

Sporting the star and stripes design, these patriotic sunglasses are perfect for the 4th of July events and parades. These red, white, and blue sunglasses are great to celebrate the American pride .

Looking for more? Browse our collection to choose a model that you think will complement your promotional theme.