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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Personalized Dual Visor Clip on Sunglasses your key to an impressive brand promotion

Dual Visor Clip on Sunglasses

“How to create an effective brand promotion?” It is a common query of most entrepreneurs. Many a times even you might have asked yourself the same. The answer to this question should be intelligent enough that it brings maximum benefit to every penny you spend on it. If you seriously search for promotional articles, you […]

Custom Shamrock Sunglasses Green Color, a unique party favor

Shamrock Sunglasses

I still remember when I was so confused on selecting the perfect accessory for a theme party. The toughest job was to find the perfect sunglass that blend with the “go green” concept. I couldn’t find a perfect one and called up my friend to enquire if she had any. Surprisingly she bestowed me with […]

Custom Printed Slotted Sunglasses, unbeatable style statement

Slotted Sunglasses

This year I wanted to try out a new brand promotional item to popularize my business. I was on a serious search and a funky promotional item caught my eyes. A pair of cool custom printed slotted sunglasses. These are quite different from the conventional sunglasses and hence the bearer will definitely catch the attention […]

Custom Printed Neon Party & Events Sunglasses gets you in a party mood


Prepared to move and shake your body? Yeah, its party time.  Time to celebrate with your loved ones. You may have freaky party ideas to make the day ever remembering. The dance floor is ready. And you have the perfect outfit too to make your day. Now what about the accessories? Why not make a […]

Custom Printed Futuristic Neon Sunglasses, bring out your attitude


Once sunglasses were fashion statements of the rich and celebrities. Now they are not any more. The modern folks can’t even think sparing a day out in sun without sunglasses. So popular are they. We use them for any occasion, day or night, beach or dancing floor. It is a necessity for all celebrations. You […]

Custom Printed Flip Up Sunglasses, to step out in style

Flip Up Sunglasses

Sooner or later, you will have to come across sunny days as spring is here and summer is fast approaching. Mostly people use sunglasses either to safeguard their eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays or as a style statement.  A flip up sun glass is a perfect accessory for those who want to have fun […]

Custom Printed Disco Sunglasses to bash out in style

Disco Sunglasses

I really love to be a diva of every party I attend and I guess all have the same feeling. Always it’s something more than just trendy attire. Cool essential extras like sunglasses are inevitable for any party be it in the sun or on a dance floor. The sixties and seventies trend is still […]

Custom Printed Checkered Sunglasses w/ 6 Colors for the trendsetters

Checkered Sunglasses

I love wearing sunglasses as a fashion statement.  Now they are more than that. It is a necessity to safeguard your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. But sometimes I feel quite boring wearing the plain sunglasses.  Now no worries sine I have choices. The 50’s funky checkered sunglasses are back in the […]

Custom Guitar Sunglasses for rock and roll parties

Guitar Sunglasses for Rock and Roll Parties

Want to be a rock star while partying? You can be one with the custom guitar sunglasses. The reason behind organizing a dance party could be any. But you can never miss an opportunity to be the star of the ball. You may have a lot of ideas while planning to celebrate with your friends […]

Wedding party sunglasses for the picture perfect wedding

Wedding party sunglasses

Days are longer and weather is warmer in summer. No other season is perfect than this for an outdoor wedding. So while planning for the glorious union of a couple in summer, the wedding party sunglasses are essential. Your guests will have to spend long time out in the sun when you plan a wedding […]