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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Custom Sunglasses Are Not Just Summer Season Handouts


Contrary to the popular notion, sunglasses are not just for summer season and to keep the sun’s UV rays out because UV rays are prevalent in the atmosphere all round the year. So sunglasses make meaningful handouts during every season as they keep the eyes safe and drive up the style factor of the recipients […]

How To Ensure The Best Value For Your Recipients While Buying Custom Sunglasses

Custom Sunglasses- Best Value Gifts For Your Recipients

Sunglasses make popular, 4-season handouts that will appease even the most discerning customers irrespective of their age or demographics. Offered in a wide variety of fashion forward models and an exciting price range, sunglasses can be used to get across your message to a wider audience, to give a shout out on the latest discount […]

A Guide On The Trendy Styles In Fashion Sunglasses- Must Read

A Guide On The Trendy Styles In Fashion Sunglasses

The extensive market for fashion sunglasses holds the interest of everyone with its changing fashion styles. From the on-trend and contemporary models to the classic sunglasses that never go out of trend, there are a whole lot of models to consider. Sunglasses have become a veritable part of any wardrobe. Today, fashion sunglasses are available […]

Trending Custom Sunglasses to Include In Your Marketing Mix

Trending Custom Sunglasses to Include In Your Marketing Mix

Never miss the trend! Here are some of the most popular custom sunglasses that will make a valuable addition to your promotional items. Read on to know about some of the best sunglasses styles that best represent this trend. Navigator sunglasses The middle name of style and substance, custom navigator sunglasses though originally designed for […]

Top Tips To Buy Custom Navigator Sunglasses


Navigator sunglasses stand out for its sheer beauty brought out with its amazing uniformity and the smooth flowing design. The hall mark of these fashionable sunglasses is its thin metal frames and the oval shaped lenses. Originally designed for the airplane pilots to keep their eyes safe from the stinging rays of sun while they […]

Custom Sunglasses – The Outdoor Favorites with A Huge Fan Following

custom sunglasses

Sunny outdoors set a welcoming background for fun and leisure activities and by taking precautions like wearing UV resistant sunglasses the outdoor fun can be driven up easily. Enjoying the balmy weather without proper eye coverage can lead to various health concerns like cataract and skin cancer among others. Sunglasses win hands down as one […]

Happy Customer Stories- Custom Malibu Wooden Sunglasses

Happy Customer Stories- Custom Malibu Wooden Sunglasses

Weddings are indeed made in heaven and everyone wants to celebrate this special moment in a truly ethereal way with some extraordinary handouts, gifts and wedding day surprises.  In this edition of happy customer stories, we are featuring the proud groom of Mike Chandon who pulled off a perfect beach wedding a few days back. […]

A Guide To The Perfect Custom Wedding Sunglasses

A Guide To The Perfect Custom Wedding Sunglasses

Nothing sums up the beauty and casual flair of the wedding day than a pair of trendy shades for the couple and even for the guests. This is especially true for outdoor weddings. Let’s be frank about it. Custom sunglasses have gained a serious swag status in any wedding ceremony.  Apart from being a stylish […]

Custom Sunglasses Will Make Your Brand Visible Through The Marketing Clutter

Custom Printed Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses

Promoting your business in a crowded market place is easier said than done. When brands jostle for space, prospective customers are more likely to get distracted with a multitude of promotional messages and offers. If you want to make your brand their favorite, you need to look for custom gifts that are quirky, fun and […]

Custom Sunglasses- Gifts That Up The Ante On The Fashion Scale

Custom Sunglasses- Gifts That Up The Ante On The Fashion Scale

Fashions change quickly than we can even think of and most people strive hard to catch up with the changing trends in the fashion market. Marketers looking for a gift that is on trend and will appease everyone easily, will find sunglasses a fabulous choice. Maverick Customized Sunglasses  make a trendy spin-off of the classic […]