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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Why Choose Custom Polycarbonate Sunglasses as Giveaways


Polycarbonate sunglasses are light weight, durable and above all shatter proof, which will ensure the ultimate eye safety of the users.   One of the strongest and safest materials on the market, polycarbonate was originally designed for canopies covering cockpits in fighter planes, offering an impact-resistant, yet clear vision window. Polycarbonate has evolved to be a […]

What Makes Custom Sunglasses Perfect Winter Accessories


Though sunglasses are almost always associated with sun protection, it is a proven fact that sunglasses are also essential to stay safe from the harmful UV rays of winter sun. In fact, winter sun poses more threats to one’s skin and eyes because people may forget to wear sunglasses  in the winter weather when sun […]

Fashionable Custom Sunglasses For Spring Season Outdoor Events


Spring season has a special charm about it. Fresh blades of grass and flowers in bloom unfurl a riot of colors everywhere. For marketers it is a lively season to enhance the outdoor presence of their brand and make it more popular after the low key winter season.  With a lot of events and festivals […]

What Makes Sunglasses Essential Everyday Items


For most people, sunglasses may be a fashion statement. However,  more than that, sunglasses are designed to be a functional eyewear that can protect the eyes from sun damage. The invisible UV rays present in the atmosphere all year round can cause serious damage to the eyes including macular degeneration. How people are benefited while […]

Top 7 Custom  Sunglasses For Spring Season Outdoor Events and Promotions


Sunglasses make popular handouts all round the year. Nobody can resist these high utility gifts that will enhance their  outdoor fashion, add dollops of charm to their personality and above all keep their eyes safe from UV rays.  If you find it overwhelming to choose from the countless models of custom sunglasses on the market, […]

 Promotional Sunglasses-  Affordable Giveaways for Marketing your Business


Sunglasses are  must have accessories during outdoor activities, road trips or a beach holiday among others. Apart from looking good on  anyone, a pair of custom sunglasses will keep the eyes UV safe an d comfortable to make the outdoor activities easier and enjoyable . The high utility of sunglasses is what makes it a […]

Express Your Love With Personalized Sunglasses In Valentine’s Day Theme

Make Your Valentine Day Promotions Really Special With Custom Sunglasses

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Celebrate the love in the air with thoughtful gifts that showcase your emotions. Valentine’s Day contributed $27.4 billion to the economy last year and the trend is upbeat this time as well. Valentine’s Day makes a great occasion for businesses to highlight their brand through special deals, freebies and more. […]

Promotional Sunglasses – Perfect Giveaways for the Great Outdoors


Now that the warmer months of spring and summer are not far away, a hot selling promo gift is custom sunglasses. Well, who wouldn’t want to stay cool and trendy in the sunny outdoors! Let’s dig deeper to know more about what makes sunglasses such a great branded gift. What Makes sunglasses Different? Custom sunglasses […]

Imprinted Sunglasses- Versatile Handouts for every Promotional Plan


Everyone uses sunglasses every time they step outdoors. Whether at the beach, by the pool, or simply at the garden, a pair of sunglasses will enhance the appearance and keep the eyes safe from UV risks. In the Spring and summer season there is a strong uptick in the number of custom sunglasses being used […]

Gift Happy Memories During Every Event with Custom Sunglasses


Custom sunglasses might have been around for a long time but these continue to be popular even today because of the handy customization options and the trendy models on offer . Marketers can easily customize these popular giveaways with their artwork, message or logo to turn it into an elegant gift that is hard to […]