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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Promotional Sunglasses: Budget-Friendly Thank You Gift Ideas


Often it costs very little to say ‘Thank You’ to your prospects when you have beautiful gifts like custom sunglasses.  These go beyond the ordinary gift ideas and connect with the recipients in a more personal way. When you handout people something fashionable to flaunt, you don’t just satisfy their fashion appetite but also show […]

 Why Custom Sunglasses Should Be Part of your Marketing


Wish to make your brand easily recognizable without having to spend a fortune? Custom sunglasses offer unique benefits that are essential in driving business growth and success. The salient feature of custom sunglasses is its spacious imprint area, which allows any brand to be recognized across the general public. Offered in a wide range of […]

5 Different Ways to Distribute Custom Sunglasses for  Brand Promotion

Neon Oahu Sunglasses

Custom sunglasses are born crowd pleasers alright!  However, by choosing the best distribution channels and events where you can handout custom sunglasses  you can ensure more brand visibility and long term branding effect at one time investment. Here are some proven events that will  bring the ultimate ROI for your promotional swag of logo sunglasses. […]

Imprinted Sunglasses Are Not just Summer swag

Wire glow glass

Custom sunglasses are a must all round the year- not just in summer  considering the persistent UV risks. If you are looking for some clever and interesting ways to incorporate sunglasses in your promotions, here are a few tips that will get you started. College events College campus is one of the most active hubs […]

Unusual Ways to Use Custom Sunglasses in your Branding


Sunglasses win hands down as party favors, holiday gifts and promotional swag alike. No matter how you wish to deploy these crowd pleasers, these accessories will never fail to stir up interest in the minds of your audience. You might have used it as trade show swag and team spirit items or mailer gifts. Here […]

How Personalized Sunglasses Can Build Brand Awareness


Promotional gifts should ideally be crowd pleasing, cost effective and practical to meet the tastes of the audience while satisfying the promotional objectives of marketers. That is where popular handouts like custom sunglasses will win a few brownie points. Handing out personalized sunglasses is a popular yet budget friendly marketing tactic you can use to […]

Custom Sunglasses – Promo gifts with a Wide Fan base


Stylish and practical, custom sunglasses enjoy a formidable fan base and hard to beat cult status among everyone. Fashionable, and immensely helpful for long-term eye health, sunglasses are something nobody can get enough of! These accessories will never go out of style, so, you have a custom gift that will stand the test of time […]

Features That Make Custom Sunglasses Extra Ordinary Handouts


Holiday promotions and the season of gift giving are very much upon us. For marketers, this season turns out to be a busy  phase of promotional activities.  If you are looking for a popular custom gift that will appease everyone, that will make great mailer gifts and that stays in fashion always, custom sunglasses will […]

Why Custom Sunglasses  Make Great Executive Gifts


Sunglasses make classic gifts for your clients and employees as these are elegant and functional. Using sunglasses is part of most people’s life style that does not seem to be going away any time soon or at all! Nowadays, it is rare to see anyone without their favorite pair of shades because of a higher […]

Top Ways How Promotional Sunglasses Can Be Made Your Favorite Swag


It would be fair to say that a pair of sunglasses might be the one thing everyone uses on a daily basis. So, why not use these in a fun and interactive  way to promote your business or event? The big plus of custom sunglasses is that these can be used by just about anyone […]