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Monthly Archives: December 2019

How  Imprinted Sunglasses Will Make Great Handouts For Promoting Salons 


Spa and salon services have become a rage in the country thanks to the incredible choices on offer at just about every price rate. Everyone loves to have a pampering session to relax and come out well groomed after the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. With more income in hand, more people find […]

Custom Navigator Sunglasses For Promoting Financial Institutions

Maverick sunglass

 Promotional items of financial institutions and banks often boil down to the customary gifts like notepads, calculators or pens. The customers may find useful to calculate their savings, however, fresh and innovative gift ideas often pique quick interest among them. So, think out of the box for a change and bring in some interesting gifts […]

Folding Sunglasses – For Service and Sales Promotions

Untitled design (11)

Are you a sales or service company that directly interacts with your customers? Sunglasses will make a great handout to take your message across. Whether it is household maintenance, waste management  or plumbing services- businesses need popular handouts that will get a wider acceptance among their audience. This is what makes custom sunglasses a great […]

Custom Sunglasses Make Great Handouts For 4H Youth Clubs

4H club

The tradition of 4H Clubs is quite prominent in many states of the US. These clubs have been engaging youth to reach their fullest potential by providing them a lot of positive activity. Hugely popular among the youth, some of these clubs even include third and fourth generation for each club members. Custom sunglasses make […]

Chrome Sunglasses For Promoting Car Dealerships

Revo sunglass

The automotive industry in the US has some well defined seasonal trends. Reports show that the peak demand for cars occurs from end of February through the end of May, and from September through November. This surge in sales is attributed to the fact that new car models hit the market during this time of […]

Promotional Sunglasses For  Fitness Center Advertising- Happy Customer Stories

Malibu Glasses

New Year is a peak time for fitness centers to get their promotions into top gear because staying fit is one of the most popular New Year resolutions for most people. Interesting gifts like sunglasses will go a long way in increasing the registrations for fitness centers. Your custom sunglasses make your recipients look good […]

Promotional Sunglasses For New Year Regatta

Malibu Sunglasses

Save the date for some of the most exiting Regatta and sailing races in the country on New Year. If you are hosting or sponsoring any of these events, sunglasses will make a great gift choice. You can handout sunglasses to the massive crowd of spectators, the helpful volunteers or even the team members to […]

Promotional Sunglasses – For Tattoo Parlor Businesses

Oahu Sunglass

Tattooing is a rage among every genre of people. Apart from being on top of the fashion trend, people do tattoo to highlight their hobbies or social causes that they support.  As in 2019, $2bn$ in revenue was made by 47,832 tattoo businesses in the country. There are many factors that will make tattoo businesses […]

Custom Sunglasses Make Great Handouts For Organic Food Stores


Obesity in the country has been on the rise. Junk food and unhealthy eating habits have been cited as one of the main reasons for this issue. Growing awareness on healthy living has seen a steady spurt in organic food stores and restaurants. So, if you are an organic food store owner that serves some […]

Custom Sunglasses For Winter Camp Promotions- Must Read

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Sunglasses make the coolest camp souvenir ever!  UV resistant sunglasses like wood tone Malibu sunglasses imprinted with your camp logo will send the campers back home with your brand. These will make a great talking topic in their friends circle and your message will get an extended audience even after the camping season! Camping offers […]