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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Imprinted Sunglasses For Burning Man

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Burning Man is held every year in the western United States at Black Rock City, a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada since 1986. This year, Burning man extends from 30th August to 7th September spanning nine days leading up to and including Labor Day. Marketers planning to be part […]

Imprinted Sunglasses For 70’s Theme Party

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Planning to throw a retro chic party and bring back the 70s fashion trends anytime soon? Nothing can ensure a quick makeover like the 70s themed sunglasses. Bright and bold neon colors, big frames and outlandish models, sunglasses will take you closer to the fashion trends of that era with ease!  Recreate the 70s party […]

Custom Sunglasses For Tailgate Parties – Take Your Brand To The Football Fans!

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Tailgating is an American pastime and there is nothing exciting as having a perfect set of tailgating party gifts to drive up the fun. Imprinted sunglasses will fit any type of football party because these are stylish, sporty and fun! Custom sunglasses will get everyone around root for their home team and earn easy attention […]

Beach Theme Bridal Shower Party Ideas and  Custom Gifts

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Planning a spring season bridal shower party or wedding by the beach side? We have some trendy ideas for favors and treats for your beach event. Recreate a pleasing beach vibe to celebrate your romance and impress the guests. From flashy slippers to sand castle decorations, cute beach pails and more , you might have […]

Customized Sunglasses For  Corporate Golf Weekends

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Golf is one of the best ways to enhance business networks and make new leads. Hosting a corporate golfing day will make not just a great team building activity for your crew, but doubles up as a great marketing tactic as well! Share some time with your clients and prospects in a relaxed setting of […]

Customized sunglasses for study tours!

You’re probably wondering about planning some study tours from your college. Student trips are often destined to public places where they can meet and greet a lot of people. Well, if you want to promote your college, this is the perfect opportunity! Now you may think about some products that could promote your college in […]

How To Get Your Prospects Wear Your Branded Sunglasses

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Let’s be frank about it! Sunglasses are fashion accessories that everyone will love. However, most marketers often face the challenge of making their customized sunglasses equally popular among their prospects. A shoddy design or a big text will all turn off your audience from these logo items. As sunglasses are useful items, your clients will […]

Tips To Remember While Buying Promotional Sunglasses

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Custom sunglasses are a fun handout for businesses, parties, weddings and more. Here are some trending styles that your recipients will actually wear and turn themselves into your brand ambassadors. By choosing the right branded sunglasses that the clients will actually wear, you can make consistent brand impressions. But, how to be sure that you […]

Promotional Sunglasses Your Customers Will Love to Wear

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Sunglasses in any form, color and fashion are hotly popular in fashion circuits. Nobody can have enough sunglasses in their wardrobe ever! Still, we have shortlisted a few of the ever popular sunglasses that your clients will actually wear for marketers who wish to use custom sunglasses as their promotional tools. Read on and make […]

How Custom Sunglasses Will Complete Your Marketing Equation!

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Sunglasses not just shade the eyes from bright light but make an expression of style and eye safety as well. The incredible functionality of sunglasses makes it a great promotional tool as well. Afterall, nobody will miss anything imprinted on the frames or lens of sunglasses. The big plus is that custom sunglasses are available […]