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Monthly Archives: August 2018

What Makes Custom Sunglasses High Value Promotional Items

Custom Printed Kids Classic Sunglasses w/ 14 Colors

Sunglasses are useful all round the year to stay safe from the invisible UV rays of the sun that prevails in the atmosphere even in winter when the sun may remain hidden. These useful products will help people to keep their eyes in top shape in all weather conditions. Sunglasses make highly useful gifts, party […]

Happy Customer Stories – Custom Imprinted Party Sunglasses

Customized Malibu Wedding Sunglasses Assortment

Summer season is all about outdoor fun and parties and quite rightly we have a lot of orders on party sunglasses these days. Meet our happy customer Sharon Campbell, Nova Scotia, Canada who was looking for a hard to beat party favor for her guests. She had a guest list of over 750 and was […]

6 Signature Custom Sunglasses For Summer- Must Read

Custom Folding Malibu Sunglasses

Summer is here and most people are headed for a week of sand, surf and shenanigans. The first thing that summer reminds us all is a pair of cool sunglasses that will keep the eyes shaded and make everyone look good under the hot sun.  With a lot of celebrity inspired styles and steal worthy […]

Tips To Consider While Buying Custom Sunglasses For The Outdoorsy Customers

Tips To Consider While Buying Custom Sunglasses For The Outdoorsy Customers

Sunglasses occupy the top slot of the growing list of essentials for healthy and safe living for most people. A premium quality pair of sunglasses is a must have in any travel bag to keep the eyes safe from UV risks. Road trips increase the exposure to the sun as the holiday makers spend more […]

Personalized Oahu Sunglasses- Great Gifts For any Summer Wedding

Oahu Sunglasses

Summer weddings have a quixotic charm about it! The warm golden sun rays, sun kissed beaches and the vibrant outdoorsy settings will all impart a carnival feel to the wedding day. If you are getting married this summer and are on the look-out for wedding favor sunglasses which will appease everyone in your guest list, […]

Business Promotions with Customized Sunglasses Made easy!

Custom Imprinted Rubberized Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

Reports from fashion magazines say that women own 42 pairs of sunglasses in a lifetime! Even if it looks a bit excessive, on a closer look it can be justified quite easily. Who doesn’t like to have a perfect pair of sunglasses that match the seasonal colors and apparel trends in their collection?  Be it […]

How to Choose The Best Promotional Sunglasses This Season

Custom Imprinted Metallic Malibu Sunglasses

Custom promotional sunglasses are not just a stylish pair of accessory for the users but a fun way to spread your brand and message. Custom sunglasses will get your brand into the hands of people of all ages at various events like corporate picnics, tradeshows and business events. Custom sunglasses will make a long lasting […]

An Exciting Blend Of Custom Sunglasses For Summer Activities And Events

Custom Imprinted Allen Sunglasses

Let not the bright and hot summer season slow you down in pursuing the travel trips, cook out parties, picnics and beach fun. We have a perfect summer blend of custom sunglasses with the right measure of form and functionality to match your needs. Summer is a great time to explore fresh holiday ideas, make […]

Branded Sunglasses Will Make Your Summer Promotions Interesting

Personalized Oahu Sunglasses w/ 24 Colors

Summer is here! That means it’s the perfect time to think of making custom sunglasses as your promotional items. The bright sunny weather could be damaging to the eyes of the outdoorsy people and that is what makes custom sunglasses a perfect custom gift to consider. Think of the marketing opportunities that are created every […]

The Coolest Sunglasses For Men And Women In 2018

The Coolest Sunglasses For Men And Women In 2018

Now that we are in the last lap of the year 2018, it will be interesting to take stock of some of the most fashionable custom sunglasses of the year for men and women. Promotional sunglasses unveiled one of the most interesting collections of fashions and trends during the year. Ideal for all types of […]