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Monthly Archives: June 2015

How to make your customers see your message with Custom sports sunglasses

Customized Translucent Sports Glasses

If you thought a fashion accessory cannot be both attractive and functional, you are for a pleasant surprise with these trendy sports sunglasses that are valued for both their fashionable looks and functional features. These make an ideal promotional giveaway for anyone who makes long commutes or remains outdoors due to work or leisure pursuits. […]

How these Custom sports sunglasses will make you the star in your business field

Imprinted Crimson Wrap Sunglass

Custom sports sunglasses are stylish and born tough to protect the eyes of athletes and sports persons from the harsh sun rays. Athletes set off fashion trends and fashion savvy sports fans often follow these on-field trends to make them hard hitting fashion statements! Custom sunglasses make exceptional giveaways for tradeshows, conventions, store openings and […]

Custom Blues Brothers kids’ sunglasses make a rocking style statement

Custom Printed Kids Classic Sunglasses w/ 13 Colors

Trying to find an interesting promotional giveaway on a kid’s culture fest or a rock concert? Check out these Customized Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses – Assorted Colors, Available in 4 different attractive colors, these kids sunglasses will transform your child into a rock star in no time! These make perfect party favors for birthday parties […]

Custom kids Malibu sunglasses- the hottest summer fashion trend


Kids love to wear the latest fashion trends and show it off to everyone around which makes these little customers very effective brand ambassadors for any business! Kids’ sunglasses can be stylishly imprinted with logos or brands and these make great gift ideas for businesses such as kids’ nurseries, play stations, summer camps and art […]

How Custom kids sunglasses will make your branding promo a kid’s play


Kids love to wear sunglasses as these make them look great and feel good. They often like to sport sunglasses and imitate the dressing styles of pop stars or their favorite actors that they see on television. We have a range of custom kid’s party sunglasses in a range of festive colors and funky models […]