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Monthly Archives: July 2024

Rise of Custom Sunglasses as Marketing Tools

Custom sunglasses are not just fashion accessories; they are cultural statements that have been gracing eyes  for a long time.  However these trendy accessories have evolved from being traditional eye care items to symbols of self-expression and a must have item in the promotional plan of marketers as well. Custom  sunglasses in Modern Fashion Today […]

Custom Sunglasses-The Ultimate Creative Canvas for Your Brand

Sunglasses are perfect merchandise for story telling branding . All you need to do is customize logo sunglasses with your brand, message and branding elements to reflect your corporate identity. Encouraging Engagement The simple gesture of handing out custom sunglasses will ensure more engagement with your prospects at events. When attendees get these trendy accessories, […]

Custom  Sunglasses- Giveaways that Never Look Out of Place in Any Settings

Custom sunglasses have always been a favorite choice of budget marketers. These fashionable accessories are something people love to wear at all times. On an average, a user may have atleast 4-5 pairs of sunglasses in their collection for different dressing styles. This means that custom sunglasses  are always hot in demand as freebies. Versatile […]