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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Personalized Wedding Sunglasses – Gifts To Remember!

Bridal Party Sunglasses Pack

Giving custom sunglasses as wedding favors is an absolute DO! The outdoor wedding season is on and it makes a perfect time to give some sunglasses for the bride and groom entourage and the wedding guests. It is no stretch of imagination to say that sunglasses are gifts that just keeps giving. Apart from protecting […]

Sunglassville Custom Sunglasses Hit The Vogue Fashion Show!

Vogue Fashion Show1

See what the Vogue models are wearing! Custom sunglasses from Sunglassville have made all the fashion savvy people around proud by making headlines in the Vogue model show! These trendy sunglasses accentuated the fashion quotient of Vogue cover girl Aya Jones, the famous French model listed in the top 50 working models in the world. […]

Personalized kids sunglasses – The best gifts to promote kids care products

 Customized Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses - Assorted Colors

Kids care products have been one of the fastest growing and recession proof segments in the U.S in recent times. For instance, children’s apparel market is expected to reach $70.1 billion by the end of 2018, thanks to the emergence of children’s fashion as a mainstream entity. Children are a big part of our lives […]

Cheap Party Sunglasses – Whip Up The Party Fun And Style Quotient This Party Season

Cheap Party Sunglasses – Whip Up The Party Fun And Style Quotient This Party Season

A pair of party sunglasses can make heads turn and scream party ready! No matter whether you are looking for some crowd pleasing party favors, popular tradeshow handouts or appealing store promotional items, custom sunglasses will take your message farther and wider. Check out these cheap party sunglasses that look as trendy as the high […]

Top 4 Reasons To Buy Sunglasses In Bulk

Top 4 Reasons To Buy Sunglasses In Bulk

Purchasing bulk custom sunglasses will make a great option for marketers planning a mass promotion, event planners or regular consumers. Bulk buys not just help you save money but also get the best deals and discounts. Now that the warm, sunny season is on, it makes a great time to order sunglasses to buzz up […]

March 8th Is International Women’s Day- Custom Sunglasses Will Make A Perfect Gift

March 8th Is International Women’s Day- Custom Sunglasses Will Make A Perfect Gift

March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s day all over the world to promote gender equality and spread awareness on ensuring equal opportunities for women. Businesses that wish to highlight their social commitment and support for this cause can think of special promotional events and store promotions to reach out to the women audience including […]

Think Why Kids Need Quality Sunglasses As Much As Adults Do

Customized Kids Party Sunglasses

If you never thought kids needed sunglasses as much as adults did, you could be in for a surprise. Reports show that 23% of lifetime exposure to UV light occurs before the age of 18, which makes kids more vulnerable to sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight can increase the risks of cataract and other degenerative […]

Sunglassville Offers Free Design For All Sunglasses Models

Personalized Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses - Assorted Colors

We believe in making the everyday shopping of our customers more rewarding. The free design offer  will surely make your shopping a breeze. Apart from helping you come up with a great custom design, it will help you save on design charges as well. Shop as many times as you wish without being smothered by […]

Custom Sunglasses Cheap – Be Outdoor Ready!

Custom Oahu Sunglasses - Metallic Green

The warm sunshine and the brilliant spring colors will send out an invitation for all the outdoorsy people to explore the possibilities of outdoor fun and adventure in the days ahead. Spring is a perfect time for businesses to put their marketing campaign in top gear as well. Marketers who may be wracking their brains […]

Ultra Violet Color Custom Sunglasses Make Perfect Wedding Favors For 2018

Custom Printed Wedding Favor Printed Lens Rubberized Sunglasses w/16 Colors

Everybody is infatuated with purple after the Pantone Color Institute (PCI) picking it up as Color of the Year 2018. A color that casts mystery and a magical spell on the onlookers, purple will make a perfect theme for a romantic outdoor wedding event for sure. While we leave the wedding décor, floral arrangements and […]