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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Custom Sunglasses – The  Far ranging Promotional Items on a Budget


A pair of custom sunglasses is undeniably the best all-rounder any marketer may have in his promotional product list. Ideal for all promotional plans and strategies, these budget friendly and popular accessories are hard to miss. People simply can’t get enough of these style boosters. So, even if you decide to hand these out year […]

Celebrate Your Brand Identity with Custom Sunglasses

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 A logo is a nice blend of visual imagery and text that sums up your company and its values.  Memorable and striking logos make it easy for people to associate it with the product these represent. Boosting brand image is thus the corner stone of every promotional campaign. It reinforces the brand image and gets […]

 Add Fun and Fashion To Your Events With Personalized Sunglasses


Sunglasses never go out of fashion because of the continually evolving fashion trends. There is no room for anything obsolete in the world of sunglasses!  Offered in a wide range of colors and models, sunglasses weave in a fashion streak to functionality. Designed to keep the eyes safe from UV risks and drive up the […]

Why Fit In When You Can Stand Out With  Your Own Custom Sunglasses


Sunglasses can be worn anywhere, for any occasion and above all at any time of the year. Gone are the days when people used to save their shades for summer. The growing awareness of UV protection and the understanding that these invisible rays exist in the atmosphere all round the year has made sunglasses popular […]

 Ensure Personalized Flair To Even Low Key Events  With Custom Sunglasses


Design your own custom sunglasses and put your logo and artwork on a wide display. Sunglasses make a fashionable swag to increase your brand popularity all round the year- be it the sun or the snow! Choose from a variety of colors and styles that will impress your audience. From UV resistant Malibu sunglasses to […]

A Definitive Guide On Promotional Sunglasses


Promoting your brand with popular customized products like sunglasses comes with tons of benefits. Firstly, it is about the impressions that it leaves on customers, secondly useful handouts like custom sunglasses will enjoy a very high retention and are seldom discarded.  Afterall nobody can have anything like too many sunglasses! And even if they think […]

What Makes Custom Sunglasses So Popular in Brand Promotions – Must Read

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Sunglasses for free might sound a tempting reason for anyone to lend their ears and eyes for your message! Incredibly popular, sunglasses are likely to remain on this planet for a long time to come as stylish accessories and safety eyewear items. Just about every type of person uses sunglasses while outdoors. A pair of […]

Wedding  Sunglasses : Inspire Your Guests To Be At Their Party Best!

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Getting married? Thinking about party favors?  Wedding sunglasses will make a trendy gift idea to impress your guests, to send them home with some happy memories and above all to be at their partying best! You may be looking for something cute and instagram worthy, wedding sunglasses  are all these and more. It’s all about […]

5 Myths About Sunglasses Busted

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Most people don’t put a lot of thought into sunglasses apart from rating these as fashion accessories. A matching pair of sunglasses will complement the outfits and the summer fashion alright. But the most important function of sunglasses is that it keeps eyes healthy. Here are some common myths about sunglasses. Sunglasses are needed only […]

Custom Sunglasses That Fit Every Type of Your Promotions

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Sunglasses look good on everyone and these accessories protect your eyes from UV light that can damage the cornea and help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. Sunglasses make people confident and give a mystique appeal to their persona. For businesses custom sunglasses will let your prospects safely enjoy the sunny outdoors for longer. Probably the […]