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Monthly Archives: February 2021

Imprinted  Sunglasses- Proven All Rounders In Promo Gifts


Promotional sunglasses are perfect giveaways all round the year especially during the outdoor holiday season. These timeless business gifts which will be used over and over again, will keep your logo firmly in front of your clients. Offered in a wide range of models right from subtle and understated to bold and bright, sunglasses offer […]

Why Branded Sunglasses make Important Handouts?


Customized promotional gifts make an integral part of building your brand and growing your business. Let’s take a look at the advantages that popular handouts of logo sunglasses can bring to your enterprise. Reinforces your brand image Highlight your brand image in a strong yet subtle way with these popular handouts like custom sunglasses. Every […]

Custom Sunglasses – Marketing Swag that will Never Let you Down


Sunglasses are not just stylish accessories but have evolved to be party favors and happening promotional items. Offered in a variety of styles, custom sunglasses offer something special for everyone. Whether it is Blues Brothers sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, Malibu sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses or more, you can easily find a style that compliment your brand theme. […]

Printed Sunglasses For Summer Promotions and Festivals


Well into February, we have some brighter and longer days all around us and it is time to usher in spring and summer and those glorious sunny days. For most people it is time to grab some gorgeous sunglasses  to protect themselves from those damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. Sunglasses with UV resistant lenses […]

What makes Custom Sunglasses a Safe Promotional Investment


With the heat on the way, everyone loves to head to the beach and the woods and custom sunglasses will make a great swag for your company to get noticed. Promotional sunglasses are one of the top things we associate with the beach and hence getting your name, logo and message imprinted on sunglasses will […]

Printed Sunglasses- Giveaways That Combine Style and Quality


Sunglasses make stylish accessories that everyone  will love to have. Available in different colors, styles and shapes, custom sunglasses make a welcome addition to every wardrobe. Apart from enhancing the dressing style, custom sunglasses ensure UV protection and  prevent various eye diseases like cataract and macular degeneration among others. Sunglasses are fashionable and elegant accessories […]

Custom Sunglasses – Get Great Promotional Results At A Low Price


Sunglasses are promo products that can be used to carry out effective promotional campaigns, with a long-term durable impact even when you are on a modest budget. Promotional sunglasses remain classic   handouts that have stood the test of time. Interestingly, sunglasses have not changed much from their original design versions and have never gone out […]

Best Custom Sunglasses to Cater to Every Summer Aesthetic


Summer is the best time for the outdoorsy audience. to flaunt the vibrant colors, brilliant prints and above all their choicest pairs of sunglasses.Thus, for marketers it is the perfect time to put their brand on these crowd pleasing handouts to impress the active outdoor crowd. Custom sunglasses might be ubiquitous accessories, but these have […]

Handy Tips To Reduce Eye Strain When Using A Computer


Most people spend most of their day hours staring into their computer monitor- both at work and at home in the new normal world. So, everyone has to cope-up with eye strain. It’s unavoidable in today’s digital age. However, here are some tips to lessen the impact caused by prolonged computer use. Causes of computer […]

Personalized  Sunglasses Make Distinctive Wedding Gifts 


Each wedding needs to be unique! Wedding favors play a key role in making your event distinctive. Sunglasses are bold, elegant and fun alike, which makes it a popular gift choice for your guests. People in all age groups and demographics will find custom sunglasses a memorable gift. After all, the ultimate dream for any […]