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Monthly Archives: June 2018

The Art Of Choosing The Best Styles In Custom Sunglasses

Blues Brothers Sunglasses - Black - Blank

Custom sunglasses are available in a range of style and models. However, not all sunglasses are for everyone. Here are some smart tips to choose the best styles in custom sunglasses. Get started by choosing a pair of sunglasses in a popular style that will not just complement your logo but inspire people to wear […]

Custom Wedding Party Sunglasses- Fantastic Addition To Any Wedding Theme

Custom Imprinted Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

Custom sunglasses are an absolute DO when it comes to wedding favors especially during outdoor wedding season. Let the bride, the groom and their entourage look stylish and dapper in these stylish sunglasses that will make them look good in the snaps as well. Sunglasses are indeed gifts that keep giving. Apart from keeping the […]

How Custom Sunglasses Make The Ultimate Brand Building Tools

Snake Wrap Black Nylon Custom Sunglass

Brand promotion is a tight-rope walk for most marketers because even when they spend their valuable promotional dime on the custom gifts they may not be sure about the outcome that these logo items may bring. Every penny has to be spent judiciously while promoting their brand to ensure that these do not put strain […]

Make Unbelievable Savings With Bulk Purchasing Of Promotional Sunglasses

Make Unbelievable Savings With Bulk Purchasing Of Promotional Sunglasses

Promotional sunglasses make custom gifts that are budget friendly, always in rage and well received. Afterall who doesn’t like to have an extra pair of sunglasses in their collections? Marketers looking for a gender neutral and versatile handout that will never fail to please their audience can rely on the ultimate crowd pleasers of custom […]

Custom Polarized Sunglasses –Save Your Customers From Getting Blinded By Glare!

Promotional Polarized Malibu Sunglasses

Did you know that glare can blind a driver for up to 5 seconds while on road?  Glare from standing water, snow or glass surfaces is bright enough to blind a driver for up to five seconds, leaving them vulnerable behind the wheels. Glare is one of the main causes of road accidents in summer […]

Tortoise Sunglasses – Product Spotlight

Custom Printed Sun Ray Tortoise Sunglasses

Summer trends are making waves and quite rightly custom sunglasses will make a great promotional item to consider for marketers in the days ahead. We have been featuring the hot favorites among sunglasses in our recent post and it is not accidental that some massively popular models like tortoise sunglasses are making frequent appearances. Offered […]

The Best Custom Sunglasses For The Fashion Savvy Men

The Best Custom Sunglasses For The Fashion Savvy Men

Sunglasses are man’s best friend, next only to dogs may be! Sunglasses make a stylish accessory for not just a sunny day but for the music festivals, a day out at the beach or those aimless road trips with your friends. Reliable, stylish and budget friendly custom sunglasses will make great promotional items as well. […]

Need Summer Trends? Refer Our Summer Sunglasses Style Look book!

Custom Lens Oahu Sunglasses American Flag Red Frame

Who doesn’t like to get some style inspiration for the summer season? Refer our Summer look book that features the hottest colors and styles in summer shades. From patriotic themed sunglasses in red, white and blue to brilliant neons and UV resistant Malibu sunglasses and more, we have a lot of options to consider. Get […]

Personalized Party Sunglasses That Get You in A Perfect Party Mood

Personalized Party Sunglasses That Get You in A Perfect Party Mood

Bring your best Bowie look and dance the night away to top dance hits! Night parties are loads of fun and laughter and offers a great time to socialize with your friends. The mood lights are on and the dance floor ready. So, what are you waiting for? Just put on the trendiest partying gear […]

Tip to choose Party Sunglasses for Recipients of all Ages with Confidence

Promotional Heart Shaped Light Up LED Sunglasses

Let’s be frank about it! Party sunglasses make the life of any party and pump up the party revelers of all age groups. Please both the young and young at heart at party floors with these colorful and attractive sunglasses that will make great handouts especially during themed party nights. The crowd matters! Before shopping […]