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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Bridal Party Sunglasses Pack- The Best Gift Ideas for Summer Weddings


Summer is the most popular time to get married in the US. The brilliant sunshine, breathtaking outdoor locales and enchanting themed wedding options will all make the months of June, July and August a busy time for prospective couples.When the days are long and the sun at its shiny best, there can’t be a better […]

Celebrate Summer Festivals With Custom Sunglasses

Customized Dominator Lens Imprinted Sunglasses

Custom Sunglasses not just make excellent gifts to recognize the accomplishments of your family members, colleagues or employees but make great promotional gifts for summer festivals and events. Budget friendly and always well cherished, sunglasses will help you convey your sentiments and emotions to your recipients in true style. Summer season in the US unveils […]

Choosing Custom Sunglasses As Employee Gifts – A Few Useful Tips

Logo Imprinted Sunglasses w/ 10 Colors

Summer is here and as expected it has been a busy week for us at SunglassVille (SGV) sans the customary Monday blues. Everyone has been busy processing all those promotional item orders and summer special deals for custom sunglasses. We at the SGV team behind the desks looked fab in those trendy corporate gifts of […]

A Few Tips To Consider While choosing Wedding Sunglasses


Let’s be frank about it. No wedding can be complete without wedding party favors and if you are planning an outdoor wedding, nothing can match the charm of custom sunglasses as wedding favors. However, not all sunglasses will make an appropriate choice as wedding favors. Here are some smart tips that will come handy while […]

Make Your Summer Weddings Special With Bridal Sunglasses Pack


The gorgeous American summer is right here, which is also a perfect time of the year to celebrate a perfectly planned sun kissed- outdoor wedding day. So, for all those love smitten couples who may be planning a beach or garden wedding, personalized sunglasses will make perfect wedding favors. Your guests will not just wear […]

Promotional Sunglasses Will Make Your Brand Promotion A Great Spectacle

Promotional Color Changing Malibu Sunglasses

Summer is at our door step and there can’t be any two opinions about the fact that customized sunglasses will make the best custom gifts for summer. Apart from making your recipients smart looking, these logo items will protect their eyes. Designed to last long, personalized sunglasses will enjoy a high retention and ensure the […]

How To Choose A Perfect Sunglass For Every Face Shape


Promotional sunglasses have always been popular promotional items for marketers. By handing out a sunglass that matches the face shape of your recipients, you can drive up their style quotient and your brand image alike. Though there are no hard and fast rules in picking up sunglasses, it is recommended to stick to the favorite […]

How To Choose Appropriate Wedding Sunglasses For Summer Weddings


Contemporary weddings involve meticulous planning as there are countless options and trends to choose from. Now that the summer season is upon us, it will be the best season for outdoor weddings and the best wedding favors for outdoor weddings are obviously personalized sunglasses. Quirky, functional and delightful, personalized sunglasses make lovely wedding favors. Imprint […]

Plan Your Promotions For June Monthly Events With Custom Sunglasses

Personalized Malibu Tortoise Sunglasses

The month of June has many events that pertain to eye care and safety. So, if you are in eye care industry, it will make a perfect time to shop for some cool promotional sunglasses that will come handy for all the events that are lined up for June. June is cataract awareness month In […]

How Custom Sunglasses Will Make Great Items Of Visual Merchandising?

1 Day | Navigator Sunglasses w/ 13 Colors

Anything that appeals to the eyes will easily grab the attention of your potential users. Thus visual merchandising is all about the art of capturing your prospective customer’s attention and encouraging him to take a closer look at your stores- online or retail. The basic idea of this technique is displaying logo items in such […]