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Monthly Archives: January 2020

Set sails to 80’s with your Retro themed wedding sunglasses!

Retro THEmedWedding SUNGLASSES

Retro themes were outdated, but that was a decade ago! Now there is nothing more vibrant just like retro-themed weddings! Birdcage veils, tea-length gowns, splashy getaway cars are back into action! So if you are planning for a vintage wedding, this is the right time! Get some wooden furniture and arrange a candlelit charm. Now […]

Ten Things You Would Love About Slotted Sunglasses

Slotted Sunglasses

Popularly known as shutter shades, these eyeglasses are in vogue, since 2007. There are lots that you may love to hear about them, but here at ten things that may interest you- Features horizontal“shutter motifs” instead of lens and is not developed to act as a custom sunglass. Although some models may possess UV resistant […]

Custom sunglasses for gender reveal party!

Custom Sunglasses for Gender Reveal Party!

Are you prepping up to throw a gender reveal party for your baby-on-the-way? If yes, don’t go with the rustic, old-school pattern like everybody else! Gender revealing parties are one of the hottest trends among those parents-to-be in our society. And everybody likes to add creative elements in to make the party memorable. So start […]

Movie Inspired Custom Sunglasses – The Best Gift Choice To Engage Your Audience

Movie Inspired Custom Sunglasses – The Best Gift Choice To Engage Your Audience

Movies and the tinsel world have always been the spawning grounds of the hottest fashion styles. We may not all be movie stars, however we can still dress like them to look cool and smashing. We at sunglassville have a range of movie inspired sunglasses that will make your recipients look good and protect your […]

Best Sunglasses from Netflix’s trending shows!

Best Sunglasses from Netflix’s trending shows!

How do sunglasses get popular? One just won’t go to the store and say that I need hexagon-shaped sunglasses with a wired frame that has a mirrored lens in chrome yellow color, do they? It’s all about the people who wear them, that’s what makes these sunglasses famous! Now if you go to a store […]

Neon Plastic Sunglasses- Fashionable handouts At Easy Rates

Untitled design (8)

Probably the introduction of Neon-Colored Plastic Sunglasses with various frame color choices is the best thing to have happened for fashion lovers. Let’s be frank about it! Custom promotional sunglasses have evolved substantially over the last few years. Today, marketers can choose from more styles, colors and imprint options than ever before. Neon sunglasses are […]

6 Reasons Why Custom Sunglasses  Are Not  Seasonal handouts


Sunglasses and summer outdoors may go hand in hand. But did you know sunglasses are for all four seasons and make a perfect handout all round the year? Here are some promotional ideas involving sunglasses that will fit your marketing puzzle. College Campus Favorites Reach out to the fashion savvy college kids who lead a […]

 Custom Polarized Sunglasses- Traveler’s Best Companions

Untitled design (2)

Polarized sunglasses are simply great for road trips, sports adventure, cruise holidays and infact wherever you are likely to get exposed to UV rays.  Forget about those stinging sunrays that hit the eyes and make you squirm and squint! Polarized sunglasses are great options to stay safe from the glare of sunlight that gets reflected […]

All Time Fashion Sunglasses For Men

Untitled design (18)

Let’s be frank about it! Sunglasses are not just for protecting the eyes from sun but make must have fashion accessories that will boost your style. Here are some fashion forward sunglasses that will ensure a perfect makeover and make your recipients a crowd magnet wherever they go! Here are some smart sunglasses for all […]

Over Sized Sunglasses –A Perfect Choice For More Reasons Than One!

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Oversized sunglasses have always been around for quite a long time now. It took the world by storm when it first hit the shelves of the fashion stores and continues to be relevant even after a decade. The popularity of oversized sunglasses has only surged over the years- and the reason is not just their […]