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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Mens 2014 Sunglasses Top Eyewear Trends to Try Upon

Party Sunglasses 2014

Hot, dapper, handsome, suave and smart – are you the one? Do you wish to be the one? Then, start scouting the collections on Men’s 2014 sunglasses offered by bigwig brands or reputed online sunglass stores. Here is certain fashion tips exclusively rolled out for all confident and young (at heart) men out there – […]

Crazy quirky sunglasses in Halloween Season

LED Flashing Halloween Sunglasses

Are you looking for a crazy quirky sunglass to complete your Halloween attire? Then you are on the right page because we are recounting some of the crazy quirky sunglasses, which are going to make it a most memorable Halloween season for you- LED flashing Halloween Sunglasses – Have you ever pondered, why are most […]

Why are American Flag Sunglasses Most Favored American Souvenir Throughout the Year?

American Flag Sunglasses

American flag sunglasses , also known as patriotic sunglasses, refers to a category of sunglasses with American flag symbols imprinted over lens, frames or American flag color themes followed on lens or frames.  This custom sunglass is one hot favored American souvenir throughout the year, do you know why? Keep following to know it- Lively […]

1980s Sunglasses A Walkdown through Memory Lane

Aviator Sunglasses

No outfit is complete without a perfect teaming of accessories such as handbags, sunglasses, clutches, brooches, etc. If you wish to look classic, trendy, and chic at all times, then it is best to team your attire with 1980’s style sunglasses. Bold colored sunglasses were in vogue at that time, slowly the choices veered towards […]

Sunglasses with printed lenses for all occasions, thoughts and values

Custom Printed Lens Sunglasses

“There is a printed lens sunglass for every occasion, thought and value that crosses your mind.” Celebrations were/ are special and they will remain so, until human race exists. From now on you can add a new dimension to your celebrations by handing out beautiful custom printed lens sunglasses! Brushing up li’l history – initially […]

Tips to Choose Novelty Sunglasses That Make You Feel Pampered and Special

Novelty Sunglasses

Speaking of custom sunglasses, everyone knows they are here to offer relief to your eyes and they can dramatically improve your avatar, too. If you are raring to go an extra mile, then novelty sunglasses can make you feel special and pampered, too. The word “novelty” possesses wide exposure than most of us can imagine, […]