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Monthly Archives: April 2014

70’s Sunglasses to Consider in 2014

Lennon Sunglasses

1970’s were referred as an “era of golden fashion” and their echoes are still fresh in minds of people. The age of overpowering sunglasses and wild hues is back with a bang and the trend is going to make headlines in 1970’s, too. In 2014, you can rest your hopes on following choices of 70’s […]

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Assortment Sunglasses from Online Retailers

Assortment Sunglasses

It can be extremely challenging to find trendy assortment sunglasses from online retailers, if you are new on the scene. We bet with little care, eye for detail and alert mind, you can counter all these challenges and strike at the right choices. Now, you may ask, when I have opportunity to walk into the […]

Why are Brides Going Ga-ga with Bachelorette Sunglasses?

bachelorette sunglass

Why are brides going gaga over bachelorette sunglasses? This is the question on most lips that have recently attended couple of interesting bachelorette parties. Planning for bachelorette party is a responsibility, which every resplendent bride or bridesmaid loves to shoulder. Earlier celebrating singlehood was considered an out- and- out manly thing, but it’s not the […]

Tips to Care for Your Sunglasses

Tips to Care for Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses serve the dual purpose of a fashion symbol and a visual aid and are popular with people of all age groups. You can wear them to protect eyes from harsh UV rays and to hone your personality or to complete your look on any regular day. The right pair of sunglasses are always an […]

Tips to Choose Best Wedding Favor Sunglasses

Neon Sunglasses

With the wedding preparations in full swing, perhaps you might be puzzled about many last minute dos and don’ts. Your guest list is almost ready, flights already booked, hotel deals finalized, but what about an apt gift? Perhaps you should stop looking around and settle for wedding party sunglasses. The reason is that they are […]

Tips for Choosing Right Kind of Sunglasses for an Occasion

party Sunglasses

You are dressed to kill, still you miss something? What could be that? We feel it’s a pair of sunglasses, which will complete your appearance and also give you high protection from sunrays. Now, it may sound very easy to choose a sunglass, which compliments with your look and serves the purpose of eye protection, […]

What do your Colorful Lens Sunglasses Say, Do and Mean?

Colorful Lens Sunglasses

For many people, colorful lens sunglasses are fashion symbols they can simply bank upon to look good. Have they ever thought these colorful sunglasses mean more than just fashion? Though it may sound little sick, still most people choose particular color of sunglasses after getting inspired with some movie or celebrity. Regardless, colors of glasses […]

Company Logo Sunglasses – Saves your Eyes during Brand Building

Company Logo Sunglasses

Company logo sunglasses are most value-effective choice for glamorizing your campaign and saving the eyes while brand building. Sunglasses can be used by men and women alike and they are loved by everyone. Imprinting logos on frames and temples can aid you to get closer to your targeted customer base and show up from over […]

Why Should You Choose Cosmopolitan Sunglasses in 2014?

Cosmopolitan Sunglasses

Cosmopolitan sunglasses – are perfect for all those who wish to look special and in tune with the current fashion trends. With year 2014 in hindsight, the sunglasses fashion are largely evolving and cosmopolitan eyewear are going to be the next big thing. “Cosmopolitan” is a vast term, which reflects your personal tastes and latest […]

Why are Flip up Sunglasses Getting Popular with Regular Glass Wearers?

Flip up Sunglasses

Flip up sunglasses are the great accessories used for keeping sunglasses handy. This is extremely perfect option for all those who cannot do without their glasses and have to carry them at all times. Flip-ups can be easily clipped over regular classes and they are flipped upwards when you go indoors. The flip ups serve […]