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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Review – Another happy customer – BEST sunglasses company ever!


This is the BEST sunglasses company ever!! They were so helpful and processed my order quickly to ensure the glasses would be here for the wedding!! I highly recommend this company and I have to say thanks to Steve!! – Mynette Canterbury Minshew Source – SunglassVille offers best price Custom Sunglasses & free shipping!

Why Should You Buy Wholesale Sunglasses Online?

Personalized Lens Printed Retro Sunglasses

Wholesale sunglasses are getting popular because everyone likes them. Individuals and businesses are largely ordering them because they know it is easily going to work for them. If you are one such wannabe investor eager to invest in custom printed sunglasses wholesale, perhaps you might be confused about an online store and a brick-and-mortar store […]

Which Personalized Wedding Sunglasses to Gift Him or Her on Your Wedding Day?

Wedding Party Promotional Logo Lenses Wayfarer Sunglasses

The girls and guys look cool on wearing personalized wedding sunglasses – That is a law of nature. After listening this, if you have got puzzled on thinking what to gift her or him on your wedding day, then here is a countdown on most popular bride and groom sunglasses gifted. Neon Party Sunglasses or […]

What are Popular Unisex Discount Sunglasses?

Custom Printed Retro Sunglasses w 8 Colors

At times, you may feel that the world is extremely biased towards gender and that it is true up to some extent. However, other times, you may feel that differentiation is blurring and more emphasis is being laid on word unisex. If you are a marketer who thinks differentiation should blare and unisex should be the keyword, then you […]

Myth Buster -Top 5 Myths about Wholesale Sunglasses

Imprinted Classic Style Party Sunglasses

We expect a sunglass to protect our eyes and amp our style, isn’t it? But how many of us can really afford to buy designer eyewear? If there are cost alternatives offered, why can’t we consider it? Some people have already started investing in wholesale sunglasses realizing that they are at par with designer pieces, […]

Spice Up Your Summer Promotions with Custom Printed Sunglasses

Customized Black Oahu Sunglasses

Summer is a time, when most people slip into holiday mood. This is also the time, when you should be working double hard to attract them. You can easily strike with them by gifting free promotional items, which are useful, stylish, and appropriate for these sunny days. Custom printed sunglasses are the perfect item for […]

4 Reasons to Choose Personalized oahus for Wedding Favors

Customized Black Oahu Sunglasses

The wedding season is in full swing. Perhaps you have decided on themes, colors, venue, events, dresses, music, and food, but what about wedding favors. They are always last minute inclusions, but come with their own baggage of tensions. Budget, theme, guests, their preferences, and everything matters, when it comes to choosing right wedding favor […]

3 Factors for Determining Popular Custom Sunglasses Trends

Customized Black Oahu Sunglasses

Custom sunglasses trends never remain the same and they keep on changing because they are influenced by several factors. Here are three factors, which are largely considered while analyzing popular custom sunglasses trends – Seasonal Sunglasses trends largely depend on the seasons. In summers, mostly ones with high UV protection are favored and in winters […]