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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Personalized Sunglasses Make Great Mother’s Day Gift Bag Items

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May 10th is Mother’s day. It makes a perfect occasion for everyone to make their mothers feel truly appreciated.  Nothing can match the selfless love and service that moms have for their family. However, handing out an appropriate gift will be a nice gesture to convey one’s gratitude towards all mother like figures who have […]

 Bachelorette Party Sunglasses – Make The Bride’s Crew The Best In Town

Bridal party sunglasses Pack

Get everyone in the best party mood and make sure that everyone will have a blast while you host the most unforgettable bachelorette party. Plan it big to make sure the bride’s team gets noticed as you hit the town! The best part of planning a party is all about shopping for fun party favors […]

 Sunglasses As Photobooth Props – The Timeless Choice!

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3…2…1…Say cheese!  To make your guests strike their best smile and the best pose you need some ultimate photobooth accessories like sunglasses. Offered in a mind boggling range of models and colors, sunglasses offer something special for everyone . The best part is that these popular handouts will double as take home favors for your […]

Custom UV Sunglasses- For Fun in the Sun Days!

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Sunny outdoors and summer fun makes a superb combination that is hard to beat! Whether it is a day out on the beach, a spring outdoor wedding or a corporate golf holiday, you need custom UV resistant sunglasses. Designed to look good and protect the users from UV risks, these sunglasses will make a delightful […]

 Custom Sunglasses Make Excellent Carnival Game Prizes

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The carnival fun is on. Mardi Gras and St Patrick’s parades and outdoor fun might have just got over. But there is a lot on cards including the flamboyant Cinco de Mayo Celebrations, the crowded Atlanta Caribbean carnival  and the much awaited July 4th parades – to name a few, there is indeed a lot […]

 Customized Sunglasses As Graduation Day Gifts- Must Read

Jade Light sunglass

 Celebrate the milestone and the proud moment of being a graduate with a well deserved graduation party. Whether you have passed out of high school, college, medical school, or trade school, a party is warranted! Set up the décor, plan a menu and shop for the best sunglasses as party favors for guests. Show how […]

 Customized Easter Sunglasses Make The Best Gifts On A Budget


Easter is almost here, hide the eggs, set up a bunny party and impress your guests! Don’t forget to decorate your lawn with Easter bunnies and colorful eggs that everyone is sure to love! Now all you need is some popular handouts for the gift baskets. Custom Sunglasses will make a great choice because these […]

Election Campaign Sunglasses- Your Message Can’t Be More Visible!

Patriotic Malibu Sunglasses

Whether you lean to the Left or right in your political ideologies, the upcoming poll season will make a great time to think of some handouts that appease everyone. For the supporters of both Democrat and Republican parties, custom sunglasses will make a great handout for political campaigns and election rallies. Fashionable and always in […]

 Sunglasses Make Great Handouts for Hollywood Themed Parties

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Lights- Camera- Action! Planning a Hollywood themed party with the right mix of fun and fanfare? Roll out the red carpet, bring out those decorations and do not forget to stock up some unique  custom gifts to impress your guests and complement the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Tired of the same old movie nights? […]

Promotional Sunglasses: Interesting Handouts For Marketing

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Summer is rolling in and it gives a perfect opportunity for marketers to include some interesting swag in their marketing mix. Gearing up for the sunny outdoors means getting a new pair of sunglasses for most people!  In fact, sunglasses are not just for summer but make a great anti UV arsenal during all 4 […]