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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Custom Sunglasses- Much More Than Summer Staples


Every summer, we see a sharp rise in the number of people buying sunglasses to stay safe from UV rays and enhance their style statement. Imprinted sunglasses make a smart way to positively brand your company by printing your logo on its frames or lens. When you are out in the sun there really is […]

Custom Sunglasses Make Perfect Custom Gifts For Employee Events


Employee events play a key role in fostering team spirit and camaraderie among the team members. It is a great opportunity for the employees to come together, celebrate and socialize. Enhance the experience by handing out appropriate gifts  like custom sunglasses that will  remain as keepsakes of the team spirit of your employees for a […]

Custom Sunglasses – An Advertising Classic that is Here to Stay Forever


Sunglasses are a preferred promotional item in various Industries, thanks to its versatility and practical value. Sunglasses are everywhere and your recipients will love to get a pair for free any time. Leave it at the head pillow in a hotel room, keep it over the information folders on the reception desk or mail out […]

Bamboo Sunglasses: The Choice of Green Themed Marketers

Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been around for a long time now. Ideal for the road trips, shopping days and beach fun, these accessories are available in a wide range of models and colors as well.  Sunglasses could be a modern accessory, but these bamboo frame sunglasses bring in a retro touch to these sunglasses to make it […]

 Promotional Sunglasses –The 4 Season Branding Tools


Though sunglasses may have sun in its name, these accessories are useful in all four seasons including winter. Did you know that UV rays persist in the atmosphere all-round the year irrespective of whether it is sunny or frosty. These invisible rays can cause damage to the eyes on consistent exposure and that is what […]

Custom Sunglasses – The Ultimate Choice In Travel themed  Promotional Products


Travel and holiday trips are something everyone look forward to – all round the year. Promotional products like imprinted sunglasses hold the rare distinction of being an excellent choice for travel themed events, outdoor promotions, fashion themed promotions and even eye safety awareness campaigns.  Marketers wishing to get a customer pie of the booming populace […]

How Imprinted Sunglasses Enhance your Online Brand Visibility


Sunglasses are proven handouts to promote events and businesses. However, it is interesting to note that these fashion inspired accessories will even get your message across to social media channel like instgram pages of the users to get more people think and talk about your brand. Thus you get the dual advantage of both online […]

Stay Stylish with Custom Sunglasses


Not just in summer, your branded sunglasses will be a popular gift choice all year round. Did you know that the invisible UV rays of the sun are present  in the atmosphere in all 4 seasons including winter? Even when the sun stays hidden, we all are exposed to UV exposure risks. This is what […]

Custom Sunglasses – Handouts That Your Prospects Cant Get Their Hands Off From!


If you are looking for a stylish, personalized gift that your audience will find truly irresistible, look no further than custom sunglasses. Your brand imprinted on these stylish frames will get noticed everyday while your clients will look their personal best this season! When starting out with your brand you want to choose the most […]

Custom Sunglasses- Smart Gifts That Will Accessorize Any Outfit In Style 


The best promotional gifts are ideally the ones that impress the audience while keeping your brand well displayed on a budget. No matter the style, culture or gender of your audience, custom sunglasses are perfect handouts that will tug the hearts of your audience while fitting your marketing campaign! Branded sunglasses are classic accessories that […]