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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Why You Should Choose Custom Oahu Sunglasses As Your Promotional Swag?


Oahu sunglasses evoke a modest, understated style with dark lenses and plastic frames. Inspired by the celebrity inspired wayfarer sunglasses that have shaded the eyes of movie idols, pop stars and ordinary mortals for over 6 decades, Oahu sunglasses will make a cool promotional gift idea for your clients, employees and in fact anyone who […]

Custom Sunglasses -Budget Friendly Gifts That are on-Trend


Sunglasses are perfect handouts for outdoor festivals, events and conferences. Get all eyes on your brand with these stylish accessories of personalized sunglasses that not many people can resist! Get people recognize your logo every time the sun comes out. Offered in a wide range of models like navigator sunglasses, UV resistant models like Malibu […]

Branded Sunglasses-  Perfect Handouts For The Modern World


Sunglasses are  one of the accessories that can add a fashion twist to even a low key dressing style.  Traditionally associated with style and poise, sunglasses make an integral item in every contemporary wardrobe. With so many different styles to choose from, sunglasses have definitely become more than just a way to protect your eyes […]

Promotional Sunglasses – Popular Giveaways for Every Occasion!


Sunglasses are stylish and sophisticated handouts that will fit both budget friendly and high end promotional occasions and events. It is this incredible versatility plus popularity that make sunglasses excellent handouts on a budget. The limitless imprint options will let you decorate your custom sunglasses with any design of your choice to get that perfect […]

Promotional Sunglasses – Make your Branding Campaign Fashionable


Since a long time, custom sunglasses have been used to promote causes and organizations worldwide. These are loved by consumers, cheap to produce and will look stunning with your logo imprint! Here are some wonderful ways to incorporate these popular accessories in your promotional campaign. As fund raising items Non- profits and charity organizations use […]

Custom Sunglasses- Nothing but the Best Handouts for Outdoor Events

Get a sunny brand promotion for your business literally with custom sunglasses that are designed to be worn outdoors. Anything imprinted on sunglasses will remain in plain view of everyone who happens to see it.  Offered in a wide range of interesting models and fashion colors, custom sunglasses will make your message an interesting talking […]

Everything You Need To Know On Custom Mirrored Sunglasses


Ideally Sunglasses should not just be functional but fashionable as well! Marketers looking for a perfect merchandise for their outdoor promotions this season will find custom mirrored sunglasses a great choice. Offered in a palette of brilliant colors, these imprinted sunglasses stand out for its brilliant lens colors that keep the eyes hidden and enhances the […]

Bespoke Sunglasses for Summer events – Must Read


Its summer and the sun is at its brightest.  For marketers planning a summer themed promotion or outdoor promotions will find branded sunglasses an absolute choice. Why handout something generic while you can customize these accessories the way you fancy to make it align with your branding theme. Make customization fun Sunglasses offer a strategic […]

A Guide on Polarized Sunglasses


Polarized lenses are a great option for the outdoorsy people  especially when doing activities around water or snow, where the chances of glare are more.  Polarized sunglasses will enhance the color clarity and quality of vision in bright light. The increased color contrast and minimal color distortion coupled with reduced glare and reflection will reduce […]

What Makes Custom Malibu Sunglasses Winners in Marketing Gifts


Promotional sunglasses are on the top in the popularity chart among summer handouts. As the sun beats down, everyone needs a pair of sunglasses that are much more than just a fashionable face accessory.  Why Malibu sunglasses are popular  It is a no brainer why sunglasses are popular. Everyone uses sunglasses to protect their eyes […]