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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Why Should Bikers Choose Navigator Sunglasses?


Sunglasses play a large role as a fashion token and an eye protector – irrespective of what and who you are. Bikers are the people who have to struggle hard to set a trend and to protect their eyes from harmful sunrays, rain, dust and flying debris. By analyzing the sunglasses for bikers offered on […]

Vintage Sunglasses in 2014

Vintage Sunglasses in 2014

Vintage sunglasses were popular through 2013 and the trends are expected to peak in 2014, too. This category refers to the custom sunglasses, which evolved during 709’s and 80’s. Following are some the choices, which may interest you in 2014 – oahus – They have opened door for other fashions and are getting popular with […]

Rock at Next Party with Glow in the dark imprinted sunglasses

Glow –in –the Dark Sunglasses

Glow –in –the dark sunglasses – as the name suggests glows in the dark and makes you a fulcrum of attention. Usually known as flashing sunglasses, these are usually suggested for wild night out parties where people always try to outsize each other. These custom sunglasses possess a unique magnetism, which attracts others towards you […]

PMS Color 2014 for Your Sunglasses

PMS is an abbreviation for Pantone Matching System and it refers to color identification and mixing of colors according to personal and business preferences. In PMS color matching – maximum color consistency is achieved between ideal color tone and final output in print over paper or other materials. PMS color matching on sunglasses refers to […]

Tips for Men and Women to Choose Their Right Navigator Sunglasses


In summers, you might see people struggling to cover their eyes with those extra large shades, which almost covers their face, too. Most of you might have heard about custom sunglasses like Navigator Sunglasses in this pretext. Orginally known as pilot glasses, they were originally used by air force people, navigators and sailors to protect their eyes […]

Retro Sunglasses-The Trends to Consider for Summer 2014

 Lennon Sunglasses

Retro sunglasses means bolder and larger than lifestyle statements – isn’t it? The good thing is there is not clear defined look or pattern associated with the term. Perhaps every that eyewear, which makes you confident and smarter can be included within the term retro sunglasses. They are always in match with the trend and […]

Party Lens Sunglasses 2014

Party Lens Sunglasses 2014

2014- New Year Party is perhaps going to next big bang event on your calendar. What are your plans? Hopefully you have decided to hit off the party in style. Have you made up mind about eye-wear patterns?! If no, then you should consider it seriously. Custom sunglasses like Party lens sunglasses 2014 will put […]

Popular High Fashioned Cheap Sunglasses

Popular High Fashioned Cheap Sunglasses

Against the popular myth – fashionistas, celebrities, glitterati- all love to grab high fashioned cheap sunglasses. Be it aviators, oahus, zebra stripes, retro sunglasses or anything, you will find loads and loads of cheap variations online. If you are still confused, then it is best to consider these four factors and make your choices – […]

Custom plastic sunglasses for parties

 Custom Plastic Sunglasses

Custom plastic sunglasses have been around since last many years, still they are going strong. What is so special about them? Why is everyone going crazy about them? The answer is they are versatile, adorable and remain largely affordable. Personalized plastic sunglasses are offered in – Passionate colors – Plastic sunglasses are very popular with […]

What is so special about oahu Sunglasses?


Everyone loves to follow fashion footprints set by their older generation. Some footprints become vogue of time, and some enter into the records as a classic – say oahu sunglasses. Since their appearance in 1952, oahu sunglasses have been re-invented from time to time to match the changing fashion trends. Be it casuals, formals or […]