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Monthly Archives: March 2021

How Logo Sunglasses Can Turn Your Prospects Into Your Brand Advocates


Sunglasses imprinted with your brand and message will boost your brand visibility and popularity effectively. Anything imprinted on custom sunglasses will not simply remain in front of the recipients but will get the attention of everyone who sees it. Be it in the park during a morning run, on a camping trip or up in […]

Tips To Customize Sunglasses To Make The Best Swag In Town


Sunglasses are born crowd pleasers in their own right.  Marketers need to just pick up the appropriate models and customization tips to make their swag the best in town. When you have a versatile giveaway like custom sunglasses on hand, it is easier for you to turn into the  ultimate crowd favorites. Animal print sunglasses […]

Custom Sunglasses- Freebies That Can Ensure Life Style Change


Not all promotional gifts are alike nor do these leave a long lasting impact. This is what makes custom sunglasses  a different league of handouts that are hard to miss. Better awareness of UV risks means our usual habits had to change to ensure eye safety. Now most people are keen to wear sunglasses  to […]