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6 Awesome Songs About Sunglasses

Have you ever thought how many songs have sunglasses in the title? Though these two might not have anything in common apparently, a crazy number of songs feature the word sunglasses in the title. There is a right genre of music for every mood. Be it moody, upbeat, crazy or something else.

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There’s a song for every situation-and that includes even something simple like ordering custom sunglasses. The best part- Just because the word sunglasses is in the title doesn’t mean that the song is based on shades exclusively! We have a quick grab of some of the songs with sunglasses in the title.

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Here are the best songs with  sunglasses in the title that will even tempt you to order some of these best selling accessories for the upcoming event.

#1:  Sunglasses at Night  by Corey Hart

Hart couldn’t wear his newly bought pair of Ray Bans as it was raining outside while he was recording his debut album. Outcome- this foot tapping hit of the 80’s that still gets people on the dance floor after all these years!

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#2Cheap sunglasses by ZZ Top

The  song was written when the band members used to tour in cars. At every gas station they see cardboard display of the cheapest sunglasses, which they often buy.

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#3 Shades by Dean Martin

Shades is a slow ballad on heartbreak where he talks about how shades can hide only a tear and not a broken heart.

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#4.Past My Shades By Lupe Fiasco, B.O.B

This song from the album B.o.B Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray, sunglasses stand are used to tell about people and how they view others.

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#5.Pink Sunglasses by  Miranda Lambert

In this song, the singer talks about how pink sunglasses always makes the world look a little bit better. When you need a change of the weather or a perfect disguise, a pair of sunglasses will  be the best choice.

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#6.Sunglasses after the dark- The cramps

The song says how wearing sunglasses after the dark can be cool. You too can get besotted with the timeless charm of sunglasses – both at day and night!

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Can’t find your favorite song with sunglasses in the title  listed? Why not add it to the list for all the sunglasses fans out there and be a celebrity overnight.