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Custom Polarized Sunglasses – The Smartest Way to Tackle Glare During Winter

When the sun’s rays fall on the eyes directly,  it will leave everyone squinting while driving or walking outside. The  days may get shorter and the temperature gets cooler but it doesn’t mean that glare from the sun is getting any less harsh. Eye protection is required all year round and is a healthy practice that has to be made part of the lifestyle.

This post would tell you why it’s  important to wear polarized sunglasses in winter.


What is Glare

When the intense bright sun light gets reflected off surfaces like water, glass or asphalt roads, glare occurs. It  can often cause a temporary blackout and loss of visual clarity. That is why it is important to keep the eyes well shielded. Glare is experienced when driving, at the beach or the slopes- irrespective of the season and  the time of year. So, wearing sunglasses remains as important in winter as in summer.

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Distracting Glare

When the light bounces off the front and back of your lenses, you get distracting glare from headlights or streetlights at night.

Discomforting Glare

It happens during stinging bright sunlight conditions. Eyes responds to  the high intensity light by squinting the eyes or moving away from the direct light.

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Disabling Glare

People experience this type of glare when looking directly at the sun. This type of glare can block vision.

Blinding Glare

It is caused by the light reflecting off  shiny surfaces like snow and water, it is dangerous for drivers as it can leave them blinded for a flash second , which can even compromise their driving safety.

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How To stay safe from glare?

The most effective solution is wearing polarized lenses that are designed to prevent glare.  Ideal during water sports, game days and  bright sunny weather. Polarized lenses is coated with a film which blocks UV rays while reducing the effects of  glare. The chemical film allows light to pass easily while reducing the intensity of glare to prevent eye strain.

These sunglasses enhance color clarity and  depth of vision and hence are widely used during boating, water sports or fishing. Polarized sunglasses are  an ideal choice for drivers as well because it will reduce the reflections off of other cars.

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Wearing polarized sunglasses during winter will help to stay safe from the glare caused by the light reflected off icy footpaths and snowfields and the frosty roads that can cause sudden blindness for drivers. Glare can reflect the sun’s rays directly into your eyes causing discomfort. Polarized lenses will help the users block the blinding glare and enhance visual clarity.

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