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Ramp Up Your Outdoor Promotions With Custom Sunglasses

As the holiday season is around the corner, most people are planning  their holiday plans and outdoor fun. This means that there are more opportunities for marketers to reach their target audience and enhance your brand exposure. Let us help you drive up your brand identity with this popular merchandise of custom sunglasses.

Turn the outdoor fun to your branding advantage while promoting your business with popular handouts like custom sunglasses. It is a must- have in summer promotions and outdoor campaigns. 


Sunglasses are not just useful in keeping the eyes well shielded from elements but may enhance the style of the users as well. In addition, sunglasses are also available in various interesting models like bottle opener sunglasses that double up as bottle openers and sunglasses alike. More the utility more will be your brand exposure.

Color changing sunglasses that change colors with light is another popular choice that will engage your audience with your brand .  Your prospects will indeed love to see the incredible display of light every time they are spending time outdoors. It will even turn these sunglasses into a hot talking topic in the party circles.


Sunglasses are obviously designed to look good and last long. Further, it comes in different colors and models  to fit your promotional needs. On top of that, the smooth finish of  these stylish accessories will ensure a comfortable experience for your target audience.

Likewise, sunglasses are long lasting and are seldom discarded. So, your brand will make incredible impressions during this period at one time investment. It means your advertisement will be seen multiple times without purchasing again every time you need it. It’s also a durable investment that would return your investment to you through years of availability and increased exposure to the target market.

Perfect Canvas for Branding

Sunglasses have a high visibility imprint are on the frames or lens. So, make use of your creative skills to come up with a design that everyone will find useful. Sunglasses are indeed essential items during any outdoor event. Whether you are hosting a party, tailgate or a picnic, your recipients will definitely love to use them to enhance their dressing style and personality.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of expanding your brand reach by putting your brand logo and message on the space that it offers.

Versatile Promotional Giveaways

Sunglasses are versatile outdoor promotional merchandise  that will fit into any promotional plan. A must-have for a picnic, outdoor concert, camping, pool, boat or beach party – this high utility promotional product will definitely bring your business into the limelight- literally! Customize it to  show your company’s appreciation for your customers, clients and employees and impress the audience without  breaking your budget.


Besides, sunglasses are something nobody can ever have enough of. Most people will have multiple sets of sunglasses for different occasions and dressing styles. So, your handouts of custom sunglasses will always get an incredible welcome from the audience.

Sunglasses will never go out of fashion. So, you can invest in bulk for your upcoming events without looking out of place. The moving advertisements instead of an image better capture the people’s eyes.

Investing in promotional sunglasses will be an advantageous move that will benefit you for a long time especially because sunglasses will get a lot of attention as your prospects wear it during crowded events.  People of all ages and preferences will be aware of your brand and curate interest.

By investing in high-quality sunglasses, you can convert interest of your prospects into sales. If you want to reap the advantages of this outdoor display for your next promotions, look no further than custom sunglasses.

Sunglasses are highly customizable

Wish to get everyone around looking at your brand even when they’ve long passed your prospects? Sunglasses are indeed the best way to make heads turn and amplify  your marketing campaign. Customize it with your brand and message to align with your business and get people look at your advertisement. Choose interesting design elements and corporate colors  to make your custom design  unique and one of its type.

Here are some interesting ways to use custom sunglasses in your promotions

As seasonal promotional products

Sunglasses will fit all seasonal themed promotions and events. Popular all round the year, sunglasses will enhance even a low key branding campaign by a notch. As UV rays persist in the atmosphere in all seasons including summer, the significance of custom sunglasses as promotional merchandise never drops.

As contest giveaways

Custom sunglasses make popular contest giveaways that are hard to resist. Online fun contests and raffles make a great way to engage the audience and make your brand popular. So, if you have been looking for budget friendly handouts as contest giveaways , sunglasses could well be the best option.

Trade show swag

Tradeshows are great networking events that will help businesses to make new leads and enhance their brand popularity. To engage the attendees with your brand, you need exciting giveaways like sunglasses that are hard to resist. Add your logo, message and artwork on these handouts to make it a great swag that will make your booth the most popular. Apart from enhancing the footfalls,  branded sunglasses will even make  your brand the talk of the town.

As event gifts

Make your  events like company milestones and employee appreciation days extra special with custom giveaways like sunglasses. Choose from a wide variety of models like navigator sunglasses to neon sunglasses and UV resistant Malibu sunglasses among others that will complement your branding. Just think of the impressions your brand will make every time your recipients wear it outdoors.

Outdoor events are  the  perfect time to get your brand marketing in top  gear. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities during the summer months. Logo sunglasses  will help you to take advantage of those moments and engage with your target audiences.

Would you love to get this outdoor promotional merchandise for your next marketing campaign?  Reach out to our team to get started. Let’s talk more about how we can transform custom sunglasses into a perfect marketing tool for your brand!