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Sunglasses leave A Mark In Every Timeline – Past and Present!

Fashion trends take shape and disappear like sand dunes. Blame it on the genes or not, women seem to be more fashion forward than men atleast when it comes to accessories. To cater to this buzzing crowd of stylish sirens, sunglasses designers have been coming up with piping hot models that are more fashionable than that of men.

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Be it Oahu sunglasses, round frames or cat eyes, each decade had its own signature style to add to the history of sunglasses. Sunglasses trends are like a moving  loop- trends keep moving out of sight only to come back after a while!

Oahu Sunglasses

Here is a quick round up of trending women’s sunglasses styles from different decades.

50’s to 60’s – Once upon a time!

The 50’s was dominated by the feline Cat-eye sunglasses that had a unique feminine touch to it. A favorite choice of many celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth at that time cat eyre has many fans even today.

The hippie culture set off in the 60’s and 70’s left its impact on sunglasses trends as well. This was the time when over sized sunglasses took the center stage. The first name that comes to anyone’s mind while thinking about oversized sunglasses will be that of the then first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, whose trademark sunglasses were the black oversized ones.

80’s – 90’s- the era of colored frames

The 1980’s saw the introduction of some brilliant hues and shades in sunglasses that gave a lot of room for the users to play around with and mix and match their favorite colors and strike a perfect winning combination. Light weight plastic frames were an instant hit and people endorsed this casual and colorful trend in a big way. Madonna defined this fashion trend during the 80s, which was wildly followed by the fashion savvy audience.

The 90’s also saw the emergence of metal frames, round glasses and tinted lenses. The iconic musician John Lennon popularized metal sunglasses during  this decade and even launched a fashion trend through John Lennon sunglasses.

Lennon Sunglasses

Present trends

Sunglasses have come a long way since its origin. However, we still have some classic models like Navigator sunglasses and Wayfarers that continue to be the hot favorites of everyone- not just the rich and the famous as in yester years but everyone who wish to boost their style.

Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are back with a bang! We see many celebs like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga sporting such sunglasses. It will not just keep the eyes safe but will conceal their identity when they wish to!

Sunglasses still have a swing over women. Which style is your favorite? Do you wish to stay tuned with the present trends or be the old school? Share your ideas