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Sunglasses That Were Made Popular by Famous People

Iconic sunglasses not just have a great design; but they have been worn by famous people and celebrities and enjoy an A-listed fan base to their credit as well. Here are some sunglasses that have tugged the hearts of some of the greatest faces and the most famous people around the world.

Sunglasses Made Popular by Famous People

Douglas Mac Arthur – Classic Aviators

Aviator sunglasses were designed to protect the eyes from the sun of the airplane pilots. These classic sunglasses grabbed headlines when photos of General Douglas Mac Arthur sporting these shades were printed in nearly every major publication in the year 1944.  Ever since that aviators have been basking in the glory of fame .

Michael Jackson – Aviators

Michael Jackson created history by winning eight Grammy awards. Needless to say, the classy black aviators he wore during the star studded event got a fair share of  publicity as well.

Tom Cruise – Mirrored Aviators

When Top Gun hit the screen in 1986, the sales of aviators with mirrored lenses shot up by a staggering 40%. Who can forget the classic scene of Tom Cruise getting off his jet with his mirrored aviators?

Gloria Steinheim – Blue Lens Aviators

It is not just the men who have made aviators famous! The feminist Gloria Steinheim made headlines for her strong stand for women’s rights and she got noticed for her trademark blue pair of aviators as well.

Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly – Classy Cat Eye Sunglasses

Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, the screen divas of the 1950s made their favorite cat eye sunglasses hugely popular.

Audrey Hepburn – Big Cat Eye Sunglasses

In 1961, Audrey Hepburn wore large cat-eye sunglasses in her movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and it saw a virtual comeback of these trendy sunglasses that were larger than the conventional models.

Lisa Loeb – Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses

Pop-star Lisa Anne Loeb, best remembered for her super hits like ‘Stay’ and ‘I Do,’ in the 90s gave her trademark sunglasses of retro cat-eye sunglasses a celebrity profile.

Change is indeed the essence of life! Sunglasses have been evolving quickly than most other accessories; fashions change faster that you can anticipate.  Aviators too have undergone a lot of changes in recent time to suit the tastes of the modern generation; trending frames and brilliant color choices that appeal to a wider audience have replaced some of the classic models.

Here are some of the budget friendly models in custom sunglasses that have drawn inspiration from the classic aviators. It will make a great addition to your marketing mix

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Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses: will draw easy glances by creating a magical shadow play of colors with these sunglasses.

Promotional Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

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Snake Wrap Black Nylon Custom Sunglass

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