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Sunglassville Custom Sunglasses Hit The Vogue Fashion Show!

See what the Vogue models are wearing! Custom sunglasses from Sunglassville have made all the fashion savvy people around proud by making headlines in the Vogue model show! These trendy sunglasses accentuated the fashion quotient of Vogue cover girl Aya Jones, the famous French model listed in the top 50 working models in the world.

Vogue Fashion Show1

Customized Wedding White Malibu Sunglasses not just look great in wedding events but also on the glamorous Vogue models walking the red carpet as seen in the image above. These imprinted sunglasses will steal the show easily thanks to its unique design. So, when you need something that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience, look no further than these show stoppers that have tugged the hearts of even the Vogue fashion models and the glitterati!Vogue Fashion Show2

A pair of custom sunglasses will never fail to grab the attention of anyone around- not even the massive crowd at the Vogue model shoot events. Check out this snapshot where Joséphine Le Tutour, the much acclaimed French model poses with a cute poodle sporting a pair of chic sunglasses from our collection.Vogue Fashion Show3

Marketers looking for sunglasses to promote fashion shows, concerts and outdoor events will find custom sunglasses a red hot choice. No matter whether you are looking for something for the sunny road or the fashion ramps, we at sunglassville have one of the best collections in both custom and blank sunglasses. Browse our collection and choose a model that will make everyone around go green with envy! Happy shopping!