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Neon Sunglasses Are Set to Make a Comeback in 2014

Fashion trends rarely die, whereas they become a part of fashion folklore. Neon sunglasses are the brilliant token of dashing 80’s, where new pop generation was coming of an age and were largely influencing fashion trends. Going by trends, neon sunglasses are slowly gripping on the fashion scene, and the influences are largely seen on following styles –223

  • Shutter shades – Slotted sunglasses were popular in 80’s and were earlier criticized as a fashion fad. With neon accentuations, these slotted shades are all set to become a favored choice in 2014. It is already grabbing attention of the party goers due to its mesmerizing color profile. Generally offered in bright colors, these shutter shades can easily get you noticed on the dance floor.
  • Navigator Sunglasses – Navigators are known to impart continental style and neon glasses are going to accentuate them. Navigators usually make a wondrous choice of fashion with formals.
  • Glow in the Dark Sunglasses – They are already here, and going to be one hot selling item in 2014, too. It is one of the most popular choices of party sunglasses and people love indulging with it on every single occasion where they wish to distinguish themselves in crowd.
  • Blink Wrap Sunglasses – Neon accentuations are going to be a major hit , when it comes to blink wrap sunglasses. They are largely favored for gifting during sports events or promotional events to drive festive sales.
  • Malibu Sunglasses – We assume you are already used to wear them during driving, snowboarding on a flight, walking leisurely in a park, lounging on a beach and many more. Neon accentuations are going to get you noticed by the crowd and it is definitely going to be a major fashion hit of 2014.
  • Glitter Sunglasses – Glitters were always popular, are popular and going to remain popular in coming years, too. You can choose them in interesting neon shades and see the difference it is going to make to your personality.
  • Panama Sunglasses – Oversized frames accentuated with metal accents is the unique identity for panama jack sunglasses, which were popular through 1970’s. They are all set to make a bang with neon accentuated frames trimmed with metal accents. It is going to be roaring hit with beach loving population and adventure seekers, who love to stay out for long.
  • Flip Up Sunglasses – They were never really out of vogue and appeared in different brilliant hues. Neon accentuations are going to make them ever-popular and they are already making waves on the party circuit.

Lot many customized sunglasses and eye wear brands and inspired designs are raring to hit off with neon sunglasses because they know the trend is here to stay. Get ready to embrace 2014 with a warm neon touch!