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Customized clip-on sunglasses- Clip on your brand all the time

Custom Dual Visor Clip

Customized clip on sunglasses let you clip on your brand name all the time over the eyes of your customers. Custom clip on sunglasses that never come off your eyes are not only the best options to stay cool on a hot summer day but also to flaunt your brand all day without it ever […]

Custom oahu sunglasses- the ultimate choice for the wanderlusts


Travelling can be a passion, pastime or a way of life for true oahus who travel in search of experience. Custom oahu sunglasses make must- to- have accessories for those who travel in search of enriched experiences. Designed to grab a few eyeballs, these chic of custom plastic oahu sunglasses would make you feel like […]

Custom oahu sunglasses – versatility is thy name


Oahu sunglasses are so versatile that these make excellent style accessories and effective promotional gifts at the same time! Packed with the best UV protection features, oahus are ideal for the scorching summer season, the countless beach parties and the outdoor events on the cards. There are also many oahu models with blings and bright […]

Custom sunglasses- Wear the style designed by you

Blue Stripes Hype White Lens Imprinted Sunglass

Sunglasses have come a long way from being just protective eye wear to inevitable fashion accessories in every contemporary wardrobe. If you are looking for something that is really stylish and a cut above the rest in sunglasses, settle for the trendsetters of custom sunglasses. This would ensure you the luxury of owning something designed […]

Custom sunglasses combo sets – the add-ons that multiply the party fun

Custom Printed Cruiser Sunglass Ensemble

Custom sunglasses combo sets are a rage in party gift circuits for their high value and functionality that it offers to anyone who receives this gift. This combo set makes a wonderful gift idea for wedding and birthday parties, weekend fun parties and more. The tastefully designed combo pack includes a microfiber pouch, wiping cloth […]

Custom printed sunglasses- novel promotional giveaways

Beach Resort Logo Purple Customized Sunglasses

Custom printed sunglasses are good options to create a niche and to stay ahead in the competitive market. Think out of the box and chuck out all those run of the mill promotional ideas that you have been toying with to promote your products. To reach out to their target base and to retain the […]

Custom party sunglasses- Be the star of the show

Customized Kids Party Sunglasses

Love to party hard and to grab the limelight? Do not look beyond the custom party sun glasses that will make you a celebrity right away. Designed with loads of oomph and party favor, these sunglasses are perfect for use during celebrations, theme parties and fun weekends. Available in a bevy of dashing colors, styles […]

Custom party sunglasses – make your life a big celebration

Personalized Glamour Glitter Sunglasses

Custom party sunglasses would fit the bills of those who live by the axiom, work hard and party harder! Designed to cater to a huge line up of party aficionados, party sunglasses remain in vogue all through to make your special moments and festive occasions truly memorable. Custom party sunglasses win hands down as spark […]

Custom Neon Sunglasses – Let Your Eyes Talk with Colors


Shed all conventional colors and styles in sunglasses for something more daring this season with our custom neon sunglasses. From bright blues to shocking pink and oranges, there is a bevy of colors that you would love to sport. Join the bandwagon of celebrities and sports icons and get smitten by the neons charm! Paint […]

Custom imprinted Malibu sunglasses – Something special for every occasion


Custom Malibu sunglasses are light weight and sturdy and above all are available in as many as 19 different colors, which make these popular choices for any fun loving advertiser who wishes to improve his visibility with minimum efforts and budget. If you thought promotional giveaways have to be bland and ordinary, these stylish sunglasses […]

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