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Happy Customer Stories – Custom Imprinted Party Sunglasses

Summer season is all about outdoor fun and parties and quite rightly we have a lot of orders on party sunglasses these days. Meet our happy customer Sharon Campbell, Nova Scotia, Canada who was looking for a hard to beat party favor for her guests. She had a guest list of over 750 and was looking for custom sunglasses that are budget friendly yet party centric and loads of fun. Custom party sunglasses made a perfect choice thanks to the brilliant color choices, trendy frames and visually appealing designs that will please even the most discerning guests.

Customized Malibu Wedding Sunglasses Assortment

Party sunglasses are simple yet trendy gifts to have on hand when planning outdoor parties and the incredible popularity that these ubiquitous items enjoy as party favors is something that is hard to explain. We are as glad as Sharon and her guests to know that the party turned out to be a big hit and these custom sunglasses had made their fun in the sun party a great success.

These light weight and plastic sunglasses are a terrific hand outs for the guests to pose for their best party snaps. She included Mirrored Lens Classic Neon Sunglasses and metallic colored Oahu sunglasses in her party favor list. The trump card of these attractive plastic sunglasses is undeniably the passionate color choices on offer. Hugely popular among both young and young at heart, these trendy sunglasses in feisty colors will go well with all types of seasonal wear and apparel trends.

The low sticker price makes these sunglasses a perfect pick for large parties and events. Sharon was indeed pleased that she could stay well within her budget by going for these low cost sunglasses that looked really impressive. Light weight and comfortable, these sunglasses can be worn for a long time without leaving marks around the eyes. Designed to last long and look great, these sunglasses will enjoy a high retention even after the party gets over and Sharon will indeed be pleased to note that her guests will cherish this party souvenir for a long time.

Easy to customize, these sunglasses that looked great with the party mascot and tagline would have made a great banter topic for the guests while the hostess had an ideal gift to thank her guests for being part of their special day. These sunglasses will make a great addition to the party gift bags even in moderate climatic conditions as in Nova Scotia where our customer hails from.

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