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What do your Colorful Lens Sunglasses Say, Do and Mean?

For many people, colorful lens sunglasses are fashion symbols they can simply bank upon to look good. Have they ever thought these colorful sunglasses mean more than just fashion? Though it may sound little sick, still most people choose particular color of sunglasses after getting inspired with some movie or celebrity. Regardless, colors of glasses mean more than just fashion and possess deep symbolic meaning.

Colorful Lens Sunglasses

Here is a brief guide about eye health benefits and symbolic meanings of different color sunglasses

  • Green – Mildly boosts contrasts, but largely preserves color balance.Best for entertainers, golfers and baseball players.Green color lenses perfectly symbolize environment and nature, and offer calming effect over eyes.
  • Gray – Appeals to all individuals. When worn during outdoor activities, it reduces overall brightness and preserves 100 percent normal color recognition.Perfect for all outdoor sports played in bright light conditions such as cricket, baseball, basketball, etc.Gray colored lenses symbolize respect, elegance, wisdom and stability.
  • Copper, Dark Amber and Brown – They heighten visual acuity and contrasts by filtering out blue light. It works best outdoors under blue skies and on green grass.Perfect for golfers, cyclists, fishing enthusiasts, hunters, skiers, and water sports enthusiasts.  Makes a good eyewear choice with formal wear.Brown colored lenses symbolize elegance and make you feel smart at all times.
  • Orange and Yellow – Heightens contrast in low-light, hazy and overcast conditions. Helps to sharpen focus by filtering out blue light.It can be used during most indoor and outdoor sports. This means it is perfect all sports aficionados and individuals indulging in cycling, racquetball, shooting, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, indoor basketball, snowmobiling, handball, tennis.Orange and yellow colored lenses mean a lot and you can associate them with enthusiasm, energy, balance, go get it done attitude, optimism, joy and happiness.
  • Rose, Amber and Red’s – Heightens color contrasts in extremely harsh weather conditions and are notorious for causing color imbalances, too. Improves depth perceptions and heightens ability to judge finishing lines, etc. Good for all individuals working in low light conditions. It also helps to reduce the impact of harsh UV rays on eyes. Drivers and target shooters are finding great aid in these sunglasses on harsh weather days.Perfect for all types of indoor and outdoor indulgences such as  skiing, cycling, hunting, fishing (amber lenses for sandy lake or stream beds), shooting, snowboarding, water sports, and snowmobiling. It is seen that most skiers prefer vermillion colored lens on foggy days.This color tone symbolizes passion, strength and energy, which are vital for anyone wishing to look good and pleasant at all times.

Green, grey, blacks, reds, and blues colorful lens sunglasses– all can change your appearance and life forever. So, think, ponder and act accordingly.