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Myth Buster -Top 5 Myths about Wholesale Sunglasses

We expect a sunglass to protect our eyes and amp our style, isn’t it? But how many of us can really afford to buy designer eyewear? If there are cost alternatives offered, why can’t we consider it? Some people have already started investing in wholesale sunglasses realizing that they are at par with designer pieces, but lot others feel that it may be risky and they may end up buying a crap. However, this is not true and this kind of misconception stems from some myths. Here are five big myths about such wholesale sunglasses.

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Myth 1 – Wholesale sunglasses retailers are not trustworthy
Who said that? It is equivalent to saying that “All apples sold in our neighborhood store are rotten and it was confirmed by one neighbor”. Of course, there might be a possibility that a store in your locality might be offering some rotten apples, but that does not mean that other stores are also selling rotten apples. Similarly, there might be a handful of marketers who are selling cheaper stuff, but they aren’t there in large numbers. You can read customer reviews and even see their terms and conditions to ensure that you are making a right choice.

Myth 2 – Wholesale sunglasses are not worth bargain
If you look around some popular designer brands may charge you anything between $200 and $500 because they bear a large brand value. Perhaps while buying from wholesale retailers, you can virtually grab the same shades at much lower prices $15? These wholesale retailers are seen competing with design houses by offering stylish and superior quality sunglasses, which score in oomph, sunglass protection, and prices! This all means you cannot blindly say that wholesale sunglasses are not worth bargain.

Myth 3 – Wholesale Sunglasses are inferior to their branded counterparts
This is absolute rubbish and baseless rumor you have ever heard. Because first of all with so many advancements in social media and other online mediums, a bad online retailer can’t escape the wrath. Just because you are buying wholesale sunglasses, doesn’t mean that you are investing in a crap. If you are still unsure about their reliability, you can perhaps check with retailers and try to find if they offer free samples.

Myth 4- Wholesale Sunglasses do not offer UV protection
Who said that? It is important that you buy sunglasses, which offer you UV protection, but that doesn’t mean that wholesale sunglasses aren’t going to have any. While scouting through various online stores stocking discount sunglasses, you will see that they are offering choices with 100% UV protection. Also, you can see that most styles are inspired from famous designer sunglasses and offer UV protection, too.

Myth 5- Wholesale Sunglasses will make me a cheap copycat
This is a very common fear harbored by many users, who avoid wearing wholesale custom printed sunglasses. This is not true because these sunglasses are modeled after branded eyewear patterns or they are designed to match current requirements and trends. As said before many times you will see a branded sunglass being sold for $200 at a brand outlet and same for being sold at $20 at online retail store, but that doesn’t means that earlier one is superior and other is inferior. It only means that the online retailer can pass you best pricing benefits than branded retailer because he is not paying high rent or splurging on advertising.

Wholesale sunglasses are indeed worthy of investment and they will easily bring you recognition, leads and also offer you great benefits in form free online design proof and free shipping along with lowest price match guarantee.