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Monthly Archives: March 2016

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Custom Sunglasses For Summer

Blank Jackie O

A trendy pair of sunglasses will make people look good and feel great this summer. As most people will be busy making plans for their beach or camping holidays, we at sunglassville thought of listing out a few top models that will not just make the holidays of your customers really enjoyable but will enhance […]

Seven Reasons That Make Custom Sunglasses Great Summer Promotional Items

Custom Printed Wedding Favor Printed Lens Rubberized Sunglasses w/16 Colors

Spring is upon us and summer is not far away, which means that people will be spending more time outdoors. So, why not hand out these custom sunglasses and keep them safe from UV risks. Your potential consumers will surely be interested in the message imprinted on these sunglasses and will become the best brand […]

How And Where To Employ Custom Sunglasses

Custom White Frame Classic Sunglasses with Orange Arms

Promotional gifts make the shortest and the quickest way to reach the hearts and homes of your customers. Custom gifts that are functional enjoy a long retention and will earn regular impressions for your brands. Companies that hand out free gifts are two times more likely to get recommended by its recipients than brands that […]

The best way to accessorize with Retro sunglasses

Untitled design (3)

Vintage theme is back in style! For marketers who are planning to reach out to a young audience will find these custom sunglasses a cool option to consider. Be it to promote fashion stores, restaurants, sports leagues or concerts, these will satiate the palettes of even the most fashion savvy palettes! Retro themes and fashion […]

Everything You Need To Know About Party Sunglasses

Customized Smooth-Touch Matte Sunglasses

Sunglasses will make great party favors for all types of occasions. Buy these budget friendly gifts in bulk and wow your customers during special occasions and events. These fun party sunglasses that are available in a mindboggling range of models and colors right from mild to wild will infuse a fresh charm to just about […]

Walt Disney world has around 1500000 pairs of lost sunglasses

Personalized Malibu Sunglasses with 19 Colors

The Lost and Found vault at Walt Disney World has over 1500000 pairs of lost sunglasses, which translates to over 100 pairs every day. This world famous amusement park that was opened in the year 1971 has till date a whopping one and a half million pairs of sunglasses. The fun and frenzy of the […]

Custom Sunglasses Make Perennial Fashion Accessories

Customized Malibu Sunglasses - Assorted Colors

Sunglass market has been deluded with a mind boggling range of eyewear over the last few years. Here are some popular models that have been grabbing face time over the last few years. Be it on golf holidays or office cubicles, custom sunglasses have undergone a face lift to be one of the most trendiest […]

Rock the Party with These Retro Themed Sunglasses

Custom Eagle Sunglass

Some things like retro themed fashion trends never change! Let’s be frank about it! There is a special charm about retro fashion themes as people never seem to have enough of these classic and timeless choices. So, if you think that old is indeed gold, here are some retro themed custom sunglasses that will do […]

Three Top Tips To Choose The Perfect Promotional Sunglasses This Season

Custom Imprinted Metallic Malibu Sunglasses

Picking up the right custom sunglasses will make the job of any advertiser half done in reaching out to the audience this season. Spare a thought at your target customer group The first thing marketers need to consider while choosing a promotional sunglass is their target customer group. For women audience, bright colors and smaller […]

What Makes Personalized Sunglasses Popular Marketing Items

Custom Printed Wedding Favor Printed Lens Rubberized Sunglasses

Everyone loves sunglasses for the simple reason that these are stylish accessories that everyone will love to have in their collection. When your recipients get these for free, they will be all the more attracted to your brand. Businesses that hand out promotional gifts enjoy a better brand exposure and recall. This is what makes […]