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Walt Disney world has around 1500000 pairs of lost sunglasses

The Lost and Found vault at Walt Disney World has over 1500000 pairs of lost sunglasses, which translates to over 100 pairs every day. This world famous amusement park that was opened in the year 1971 has till date a whopping one and a half million pairs of sunglasses. The fun and frenzy of the entertainment world of Disney might be a little too much for the visitors that they may get carried away and forget even their outdoor essentials like sunglasses. It is interesting to note that Disney brand were the first to introduce custom sunglasses in the form of movie merchandise, a tradition which they follow even today. Even today you can see sunglasses created for the diehard fans of various Disney characters.

So, if you are planning a trip to the Disney world this season, make sure you keep your sunglasses safe. Should you need some extra pair of sunglasses that will drive up the pizzazz of your Disney experience? Check out our Malibu and rubberized range of sunglasses. To help you get started right away, we have shortlisted a few of these part poppers that will make your day!

Personalized Malibu Sunglasses with 19 Colors Great for party and beach, these custom sunglasses made of recycled polycarbonate material will make the Disney world experience of your recipients truly special. Available in a range of colors including black, White, Royal Blue, Lime Green, Pink, Navy, Orange, Light Blue, Kelly Green, Red, Yellow, Purple or Silver. Frosted White. Translucent, Clear, Pink, Orange, Lime Green and Blue, your recipients will love these flashy sunglasses that match their holiday wear .Personalized Malibu Sunglasses with 19 Colors

Custom Folding Malibu Sunglasses w/ 12 Colors A great choice for budget promotions , these folding sunglasses are great for theme parks and beaches. Imprint your logo and message on these trendy sunglasses to get your message in front of a massive crowd. These make a perfect giveaway during summers and throughout the year. These sunglasses fold down to convenient size and they can be managed within pockets or bags with ease and make a perfect option for holiday makers. Personalized folding Malibu sunglasses last longer because they are produced using polycarbonate material, which is strong enough to bear wear and tear.Custom Folding Malibu Sunglasses w/ 12 Colors

Wave rubberized sunglasses will literally create waves about your brand during and after the holidays of your recipients. Personalized wave rubberized imprinted neon sunglass offered in this collection are created from recycled and rubberized plastic material. The sunglass offers complete protection from UVB and UVA components with its UV 400 lenses. Great color choices. So, what are you waiting for? Satiate the holiday mood of your recipients with these stunning custom sunglasses, which they will never leave behind in the Disney park for sure!

Wave Rubberized Imprinted Sunglasses w/ 7 Colors