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The Best Ways to Market with Custom Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just trendy accessories that will show off the fashion sense of the users, but will highlight your brand as well. A pair of custom sunglasses will make a great way to get the word out to your target market; so that your prospects will become familiar with your brand.

Identify your target market.

First things first! Before designing your sunglasses, consider the preferences of your audience to make sure that those who receive these items will surely  love them. Spare a thought at the interests and hobbies  of your target audience while designing sunglasses. You should also consider their age group as these factors will help you choose the right colors and model of sunglasses.

Consider your promotional objective

When designing your custom sunglasses, think about what it is that you want people to remember about your business when they see it. Is it an event, a new product or a grand opening; or is that you want to pique interest in them about a new store location or your upcoming milestone event?  Further, are you just looking for a fun reminder for customers and prospects about your brand? No matter what your business objective is, you can customize sunglasses to make a great handout to achieve it.

 Choose a model that best suits your brand

 A  pair of sunglasses is something that people wear regularly. So, with every day, the number of people who will see it increases. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a model that best suits your brand and represent it in style all the time. So, while customizing custom sunglasses, make sure that it reflects your brand. Choose a model that your recipients will easily identify with your brand.  Think about how corporate colors will look on the item. Place your logo, artwork and message in a way that attracts attention.

Choose the right material

Sunglasses are available in various models and frame materials including metal, rubber, plastic or even bamboo. Metal frame sunglasses like navigator sunglasses are durable and can be used for long term marketing while plastic keychains are affordable options for short term promotions. If you wish to highlight your brand sustainability bamboo sunglasses will make great choices. So, choose the right material according to the nature of your campaign and the brand image you want to project!

Choose the best distribution strategy

To get  the most out of your custom swag , you have to decide how you will distribute them.

Give them away as a token of appreciation: Sunglasses can be given along with purchase or as part of a referral program. This is also an excellent way to show appreciation to  your regular customers who not just do business with you but refer their friends as well  to you!

Include them in packages: Sunglasses make great package inserts while sending out samples or product packages. It will make your brand more visible to others and will even make it a talking topic among customers. Even people who are new to your brand may become your customers if they love your sunglasses!

 Have  a better idea to use custom sunglasses as merchandise? Make your ideas well heard by posting it in our comments below.