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Innovative Ways to Use Custom Sunglasses in Promotions

Promotional sunglasses are popular giveaways for business promotions. Fashionable and functional in equal measures, sunglasses are popular all round the year among people. A must have item in every contemporary wardrobe, custom sunglasses make a portable billboard for your brand.

The best part is that you can use custom sunglasses  to implement interactive social media marketing as well. Sunglasses are perfect as online contest giveaways and poll prizes. You can even launch a photo contest where your followers can participate. The winner receives a pair of limited edition custom sunglasses as the prize. You can even encourage people to take a selfie with your product and use hashtags for your company’s campaign. The best photo gets the prize and the winner gets discounts, coupons, or special offers.

 Creative Customization

Apart from your logo and contact details, you can also get QR codes printed on your company sunglasses: QR codes will direct your prospects to the company’s website, and  product page and ensure a high level of engagement with the customers.

Moreover, by putting your logo and address, you can literally turn custom sunglasses as your business cards to help your customers know exactly how to reach you.

Sunglasses are versatile

Apart from being promotional giveaways, custom sunglasses also make great fund raising items, team swag and even thank you gifts for employees and customers. In a digital business world where most interactions have become online, personalized giveaways like sunglasses pay a crucial role in enhancing your brand loyalty. In addition, businesses can set themselves apart from the competition by surprising your customers with thank you gifts like custom sunglasses. These stylish gifts will even make them  feel valued and significant, unlike those flashing  digital messages that most people may not even notice.

Choose high quality models

As sunglasses that you choose reflect your business directly, they must surely be of high quality. High quality sunglasses will make great brand reminders during events and will even double up as memorable souvenirs for attendees.

Build a deeper brand connection

 Cut through the digital clutter by incorporating custom sunglasses in your marketing campaigns. It is one of the most effective strategies to propel your brand popularity in a cost-effective way. Understand the preferences of your niche audience to choose a model that they will love. For instance, if you wish to reach out to a classic business crowd, models like navigator sunglasses or UV resistant Malibu sunglasses make perfect options. On the other hand, if you have a youthful, outdoorsy crowd to engage with, choose fun models like color changing sunglasses.

It helps  in  branding

Besides, sunglasses will make your brand popular without being intrusive. Popular giveaways like sunglasses will help businesses to stand out of the competition.

Sunglasses break the ice

 Custom giveaways like sunglasses also  help your attendees break the ice during business events and trade shows. In addition, it will make a great conversation topic by providing a common ground for people to have a conversation that will start a long business relation. And, the best part: marketers don’t have to try. By simply distributing sunglasses, they can let branding run its course and build goodwill in the community.

 So, how do you plan to use custom sunglasses in your business plans? Share your opinions in the comments section.