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Monthly Archives: November 2019

What Makes Custom Sunglasses A Great Choice For Promoting Businesses

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Sunglasses are much more than style accessories and protective eye wear items. It makes a high visibility billboard for advertisers. Though most conventional advertisements like TV or radio ads can be distracting, sunglasses will make an interesting way to get your message across. People will simply love the idea of getting these logo items for […]

Top Tips To Choose Sunglasses On Different Occasions

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Let’s be frank about it!  Sunglasses are great for all occasions; however different occasions may demand different looks. All you need to have is a pair of appropriate sunglasses to pull off the right look. Sunglasses boost the style, rock the party and save the day from weather blues. Here are some unisex sunglasses that […]

 Which Sunglasses Should Cyclists Look For?

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There are hundreds of cycling events and races in the country- some grueling, others fun and the rest light hearted. Everybody loves the ideas of riding in the cool fall and winter season. Sunglasses make undeniably one of the best handouts to consider during cycling season. Marketers planning to sponsor, support or promote cycling leagues […]

Custom Bridal Party Sunglasses Pack- The Best way to get the Party on


 Wedding day is the biggest day for everyone involved especially the bride tribe! It gives a perfect opportunity for them to display their hottest fashion sense and get all the eyes on the bridal party. Now we have made it a bit easier for you to stay fashionable with these bridal party sunglasses pack. Stylish […]

Why You Need Polarized Sunglasses for Watersports

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Polarized sunglasses first invented by Polaroid in 1935 has become the trusted choice of outdoorsy people ever since. The special film coating on the lens will prevent glare and enhance visibility. Sunlight travels in multiple directions and when it strikes a surface like water or ice, it becomes concentrated, which in turn causes glare. Non […]

Which Sunglasses Are Ideal For Thanksgiving Holiday Road Trips

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Sunglasses are not just to boost your appearance and fashion sense. But it will make an essential accessory that will keep the eyes protected during road trips, outdoor leisure and adventure as well. Just in time for the fall and winter outdoor fun, we have put together a range of sunglasses suitable for driving.  Most […]

Personalized Sunglasses – Great Handouts For Love Birds Wedding Theme

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Love birds symbolize lifetime partnerships between couples because these birds partner for life! Are you planning love birds themed wedding to celebrate your lifelong commitment to each other? Apart from the classic bird cage card holder, centerpieces and décor items, you can explore an impressive list of wedding sunglasses that stay true to the theme. […]

Trending Polarized Sunglasses For Winter Activities

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Sunglasses may be synonymous with the sun; but it doesn’t mean that  you may not need a pair of sunglasses for the snow slopes, winter activities and outdoors. Even when the sun remains hidden in the gloomy sky, UV rays remain in the atmosphere causing hazard to the eyes. UV levels are nearly the same […]

A Quick List Of Custom Sunglasses that Complement Your Wedding Theme

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Themed weddings are in vogue. Especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding, you can experiment with a lot of interesting themes and color palates. Having a wedding theme in place can make the design aspect of your planning easy. Whether it is a fairy tale theme, holiday theme, beach theme, winter theme or something […]

 Wedding Sunglasses- A Welcome Addition To Your Gift List

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Personalized sunglasses make a perfect wedding favor especially for spring and summer outdoor weddings, bachelor parties, bridal showers and other events. The bridal party will look good on the wedding snaps and while they walk down the aisle. Your guests will love to have a stylish pair of shades to waltz the night away or […]