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A Quick List Of Custom Sunglasses that Complement Your Wedding Theme

Themed weddings are in vogue. Especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding, you can experiment with a lot of interesting themes and color palates. Having a wedding theme in place can make the design aspect of your planning easy. Whether it is a fairy tale theme, holiday theme, beach theme, winter theme or something else, you have sunglasses that go with every one of these.

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Most couples set their favorite colors as the wedding theme. But for others, it’s more than a favorite color. It could be about the season, the holidays and the festivals happening around them at that point of time. For instance, if you have a holiday themed wedding, red and silver will make a great color theme for the event. From bridesmaids’ dresses, linens, flowers and wedding accessories, everything will look great in this brilliant color combination.

 Beach inspired weddings are very popular among couples planning a wedding even if they plan to tie the knot in other seasons. A nautical theme is refreshing and vibrant. Opt for a yacht club style to it that is different and classy with a dominant red, white and blue color theme that exudes an all-American feel as well.  Patriotic Malibu sunglasses will be a perfect pick. UV resistant, stylish and above all matching with your nautical theme, these sunglasses will make your wedding snaps a cut above the rest.

Patriotic Malibu Sunglasses

Planning a pink and ivory wedding in girlie theme? Great for a wedding anytime of the year, color pink gives a lot of pretty options in flowers and décor. You will also have some great looking shades in pink color that will make heads turn. Blues Brothers Sunglasses-Pink is a perfect choice.  These sunglasses with UV 400 lenses are just right for the outdoors all round the year. The generous imprint area of 2″ X 5/16″ of these sunglasses can be used to get their message and artwork imprinted to pull off a perfect pair of wedding sunglasses.

Blues Brothers Sunglasses - Pink

Wedding Party Sunglasses are fashionable and functional favors that your guests will find hard to resist. Great for outdoor or destination weddings, these sunglasses will keep the eyes of your guests protected from sun while adding a fun pop of color and beauty to the wedding settings. We are continually updating the list so why not check back often to see what’s new in wedding circuits and know the best kept gift fashion secrets in town!

Printed Wedding Sunglasses