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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Why And What Makes Custom Sunglasses The Best Summer Swag


Sunglasses will be rocking this summer. Get some cool custom sunglasses with your logo and information imprinted on the frames or even lenses to promote your business. Whether your recipients are at the beach, park or camping sites your logo and message will get a lot of attention and limelight that you will love. Perfect […]

Custom Sunglasses – The Fun Way To Celebrate The Birthday Of Bob Dylan

Personalized Black Classic Sunglasses

Happy birthday to Bob Dylan! The fabled singer-songwriter turns one year younger on May 24th. Millions of music fans all over the world will take some time to wish him and honor his legacy and influence on not only music, but the US civil rights and anti-war movements of his generation. For those looking for […]



June 27th is dedicated to sunglasses for their role in protecting our delicate eyes from harmful UV rays, all the while making us look stylish!  For marketers it makes a great time to plan an awareness campaign on the importance of eye protection and how sunglasses can prevent the risk of eye diseases like cataract. […]

Custom Sunglasses – Great Handouts For Summer Holiday Season


As we approach summer, July 4th parades and school holidays, businesses are looking for ways to stand out and capitalize on this time of year. Though the summer outdoor fun is dampened by the Coronavirus scare this year, Americans are eager to get back to normal lives.  From sweepstakes to in-store promotions and trade shows […]

May Is Healthy Vision Month- Plan Your Promotions


May is healthy vision month. It is observed every year to educate the public about what they can do to ensure their vision and eyes are healthy. Organized by the National Institute of Health’s National Eye Institute (NEI), this awareness event is the best occasion for marketers to spread the word about eye care tips […]

Custom Sunglasses For Sporting Events- Tips

Untitled design (4)

Sporting events attract thousands of sports fans every season. By giving away popular promotional products like sunglasses businesses can effectively promote their brands. Interestingly you get triple marketing effect at one time investment. Wonder how? Your logo and message imprinted on sunglasses will be seen by thousands of sports fans in the stadium. That is […]

Trending Custom Sunglasses For Summer 2020


Summer days are right here and it is time for you to amp up your UV safety measures. As the sun gets brighter and hotter and the day time extends endlessly, you need some cool yet UV safe sunglasses that will keep you summer ready. We have a made a quick list of custom sunglasses […]

Can Sunglasses Protect Eyes From Coronavirus Droplet Infection


 Reports show that the Covid- 19 virus spreads through droplet infection. When people touch their eyes, nose or mouth without sanitizing their hands, the germs get into the bodies.  Replacing contact lenses with glasses is another way to reduce the chances of infections of eyes though hands. Though it’s rarely reported in confirmed cases, doctors […]

Custom Sunglasses For Black Party Theme- Must Read

Blues Brothers Sunglasses - Black

Black is classic, timeless and in vogue always! There is ample reason for you to plan a black color party or an event. So, what are you waiting for? Get the party started with some great black colored custom sunglasses as party favors and rock it. You can’t go wrong with your color choice while […]

Custom Star And Stripe Sunglasses – Great  For Patriotic Themed Events

Oahu Sunglasses American Flag Red Frame

Celebrate America with a Red, White, and Blue event! Whether it is a birthday party, sporting event or BBQ party,  sporting the patriotic colors is a good choice any time- not just on July 4th or Memorial Day.  So, if you are planning a red, white and blue color themed party to inspire and evoke […]