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June 27th is dedicated to sunglasses for their role in protecting our delicate eyes from harmful UV rays, all the while making us look stylish!  For marketers it makes a great time to plan an awareness campaign on the importance of eye protection and how sunglasses can prevent the risk of eye diseases like cataract. Your recipients will love to show off these stylish sunglasses around town. While your logo gets the attention of the world outside.


UV safe sunglasses have been around for a long time. The first UV resistant sunglasses were brought to the United States in 1929 by James Foster. Sunglasses became polarized in 1936, and the aviator shape made sunglasses a fashion statement during WWII. Ever since, sunglasses have been an indispensible item in red carpet events, movie nights and glitterati. Many movie stars like Rihanna and Lady gaga have created headlines for their selection of sunglasses.

Who could forget Tom Cruise as Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in those Ray Ban aviators in Top Gun?  Most people still remember that movie for those exceptional scenes where Tom Cruise and his Pilots jump suit, motorbike and his Aviator sunglasses. When the movie released in 1986 Ray Ban aviators jumped sales by 40%!

Sunglasses are available in a wide range of models and colors to match the tastes of your audience. Choose sunglasses with UV 400 lenses that can keep the eyes safe from UV risks.

Two -Tone Malibu Sunglasses with White Frame: Fashionable and UV safe, these sunglasses will make a great summer staple. Choose from a range of accents to match the theme.

Two -Tone Malibu Sunglasses with White Frame

Looking for a store promotional item on national sunglasses day? Imprinted Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses will make a great choice. The brilliant frame color choices and mirrored lenses will enhance the fashion credentials of these sunglasses by a notch.

Imprinted Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

Blues Brothers Sunglasses: Inspired by the iconic sunglasses made famous by the Blues brothers band, these sunglasses will add fun, fashion and functionality in equal measures. These make great awareness gifts, contest prizes or mailer gifts on the National sunglasses day. Get your logo and message imprinted on the frames to get the attention of everyone around. It will make a tempting reason for everyone to wear sunglasses every time they venture out.

Blues Brothers Sunglasses - Purple

The original model of the aviators with a tear drop shaped lens and plastic frame, later saw many innovations like metal frame and antiglare lens in a distinctive green color.  Aviators still are one of the top selling styles among sunglasses and are not just for celebs but for everyday modern people as well.

If you wish to celebrate the legacy of these celebrity lenses, Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses will make a great choice. Offered in a wide range of colors, these sunglasses will go a long way in highlighting the importance of National sunglasses day in today’s world of changing climatic conditions and increase UV risks.

Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

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