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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Custom Sunglasses – Smart Branding At Easy Prices


Smart Branding is the need of the hour to impress your audience and leave a positive impression among them. Everyone will love these smart accessories that will accentuate their outdoor profile. Not just your recipients – but even their friends and loved ones will be keen to know more about the brand that came up […]

 Custom Sunglasses Will Give A Fresh Twist To Your Summer Promotions

Untitled design (2)

Summer is here and people will love the attention they get from others at the great outdoors. As the hottest fashion trends, accessories and dressing styles  do the rounds, it is time for marketers to add a speck of glamor to their outdoor promotions as well.  So, are you ready to get mobbed? Shop for […]

Custom Sunglasses Make A Great Handout For Skin Cancer Awareness Month


Every year , skin cancer awareness month is observed in the month of May, to make people aware of the risks of cancer and tips to stay safe. Every hour of every day, 1 American dies from melanoma, which comes to around 10,000 people per year. Skin cancer also happens to be the most common […]

Why Promotional Sunglasses Are The Best


Sunglasses have become the favorite promotional products for businesses today. These are used all year long and are incredibly popular among all age groups. Sunglasses can also leave a lasting impression because the first thing that anyone will notice is a stylish pair of sunglasses worn by your prospects. Whether these are handed out as […]

Tips To Find The Right Pair Of Custom Sunglasses


Custom sunglasses make a popular handout for all types of business promotions and events these days thanks to its unbeatable charisma.  For an ordinary pair of eyes, all sunglasses may look similar and offered in one size that fits all adults. However, on a closer look, you can see a lot of subtleties across the […]

Top Tips to Ensure Eye Care During COVID-19


Covid- 19 has spread its way across the globe, infecting millions of people so far. Direct contact with the infected surfaces and people causes the germs to spread. Here are some tips to ensure eye care during the pandemic. Washing hands with soap and water and wearing masks will reduce the risks of contamination to […]

Custom Sunglasses – Put Your Brand Into The Light


Promotional sunglasses are fun, budget friendly giveaways that will be used often. Your logo and message imprinted on these will be shared with lots of people daily, which will increase the impact of your promotions manifold. Sunglasses are 4 season staples that are hard to miss!  Hand out these stylish accessories for summer outdoor events […]

Under $1 Sunglasses For Summer Carnivals And Parades

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Summer is all about massive carnivals and power packed parades that draw a lot of people outdoors. Whether it is July 4th parades, Cinco de maya or something else, summer takes credit to a lot of fun and flamboyant events. People get dressed to kill in their party finery and be part of the fun […]

A Quick Guide On Buying Custom Sunglasses


Sunglasses are  versatile and budget friendly and can be used for all types of promotional events and activities. With a lot of interesting models to choose from in various price points,  sunglasses make  a perfect marketing item to consider- especially now that the summer outdoor events are right here! Whether you use custom sunglasses as […]

Why Customized Sunglasses Make Popular Election Merchandise

Patriotic Malibu Sunglasses

Let’s be open about it – voters love freebies. So, in this election year, candidates and campaign managers cannot leave anything to chance in wooing the voters with unique gifts. If you have had enough of totes and hand fans, it is high time that you consider these logo sunglasses that will get your election […]