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Top Tips to Ensure Eye Care During COVID-19

Covid- 19 has spread its way across the globe, infecting millions of people so far. Direct contact with the infected surfaces and people causes the germs to spread. Here are some tips to ensure eye care during the pandemic.


Washing hands with soap and water and wearing masks will reduce the risks of contamination to a large extent. However, we must not skip taking care of our eyes as the risk of contracting  coronavirus through eyes is equally high.

Keep hands off your eyes: Make sure not to touch the eyes with unwashed hands.  Wash hands for 20 seconds or more and make sure that your hands are clean before touching eyes.

Keep your eyewear safely: Never leave your sunglasses or eye glasses unattended at public places, office desks or on the passenger seats of the public transport. All these carry a  high risk of infection. Keep the eyewear safely in the pouch or box and carry it with you wherever you go.

Clean your eyewear: Clean your eyeglasses often using alcohol-based cleaning wipes.

Avoid contact lenses: If you are using contact lenses, it is better to switch to eyeglasses till the pandemic subsides as it will reduce the risk of direct exposure for your eyes.  Wearing contact  lens  involves touching them with your hands, which carries a substantial risk of infection if your hands are not clean. Contact lens wearers touch their eyes more often than an average person.

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Maintain personal hygiene constantly and sanitize your hands often. If you feel itching in your eyes, wash with water instead of scrubbing with hands.

Use protective goggles or sunglasses when going out in public places to prevent the risks of droplet infection. When an infected person or an asymptomatic carrier talks, sneezes or coughs, the virus can get into your nose, mouth or eyes even from a distance of 6 feet!

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Marketers that wish to spread eyecare awareness during Covid – 19 can consider custom sunglasses as handouts. Get it customized with your logo and corona safety message to make it a reminder of good eye care practice. Choose from a wide range of models in various price rates to match your promotional theme.

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Now that the summer season is on and once the social distancing mandate gets over, more people may hit outdoors to pursue their favorite leisure activities. So, UV resistant sunglasses like Malibu sunglasses or Oahu sunglasses will make a great choice to consider.  If a fashion forward model is your choice, custom navigator sunglasses will make a better choice.

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