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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Custom Sunglasses – Handouts For The Summer Leisure Events


Stand out from the crowd, surprise people and make your recipients smile with these popular promotional gifts of custom sunglasses. Everyone needs sunglasses to bring out their summer style and keep their eyes UV safe.  Plus nobody can ever have too many sunglasses! Offered in a wide range of models and colors, custom sunglasses can […]

Promotional Sunglasses- Make your Brand the Center of Attraction of your Audience


Everyone loves the sun and the tons of activities and outdoor fun that it brings. Whether it is sunbathing, firing up the grill at the backyard or planning a beach holiday, summer is a great time for everyone to see the world and to be seen! However, none of these things can be done without […]

Launch Your Summer Marketing Campaign with Custom Sunglasses


Summer is a great time for businesses to promote brand awareness and enhance customer loyalty through popular handouts like custom sunglasses. These summer promotional staples will showcase your logo or message on the streets or the beach. Stylish and practical alike, these  giveaways will keep your customers cool at outdoors or game days. Sunglasses make […]

Custom Sunglasses Summer Fashion Trends to Look Out For


Summer brings along with it a fresh set of fashion trends and accessories every year, much to the delight of the outdoorsy crowd. Sunglasses top the list of summer accessories as it will keep the eyes well shielded from UV rays and enhance the personality of the users alike. For this same reason, marketers find […]

The Art of fitting Custom Sunglasses into Your Marketing Plan


For most people, sunglasses do more than simply making it easier to see in bright light! Sunglasses reflect a sense of style plus a commitment to eye safety, which makes it a value added summer gift for marketers. The best part is that even if you have a diverse and hard to please audience group, […]

Custom Foldable Sunglasses- Add a Fun Twist to your Summer Promotions


If you thought that sunglasses couldn’t get any better, then think again! Foldable sunglasses are summer season’s hottest trend. Handy and portable, foldable sunglasses will make it easy for the users to carry it wherever they go as it can be folded into half the size is easy to carry in your pockets or bags […]

Custom sunglasses For A Stylish Summer Marketing Campaign


Summer season is a great time for most people to spend time outdoors and soak  up the fun in the sun. Custom sunglasses will make  great fashion accessories to accentuate their seasonal apparels. Your logo and message imprinted on these will never be missed plus, it will be an engaging conversation topic for everyone in […]

Custom Sunglasses are Corporate Holiday Gifts People Actually Want


Corporate gifts like sunglasses will leave a lasting impact on your brand image and reinforce your goodwill and popularity. This is a thoughtful gesture to show your clients and employees that you care for them. These popular gifts evoke instant reciprocity in the minds of your recipients. Whether you it’s a gift for employees or […]

The Best Ways to Use Promotional Sunglasses for Raising Brand Awareness


Custom sunglasses will fit all your marketing plans with ease. Whether you wish to use these popular giveaways as part of your sales process, trade shows, awareness events or more sunglasses will enhance your branding and pay off long into the future by making valuable brand impressions. The problem is having the right promotional giveaways […]

Promotional Sunglasses For The Change of Seasons


As the sun is out again, it is time for marketers to open themselves up to the idea of promotional sunglasses as marketing swag. Offered in so many different models, colors and imprint options, custom sunglasses are winners indeed. Sunglasses are not just popular as giveaways at events, but can even be sold to customers […]