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Custom Foldable Sunglasses- Add a Fun Twist to your Summer Promotions

If you thought that sunglasses couldn’t get any better, then think again! Foldable sunglasses are summer season’s hottest trend. Handy and portable, foldable sunglasses will make it easy for the users to carry it wherever they go as it can be folded into half the size is easy to carry in your pockets or bags without adding to the bulk.


Ideal for people on the move and during fitness sessions, outdoor events and sports such as cycling and jogging, these custom sunglasses are indeed hard to miss. The incredible color choices of these sunglasses make it a great choice during color themed events and seasonal promotions.

Foldable Blues Brothers Style Glasses - Red

The small hinge on the bridge of the frame of these sunglasses makes it possible for the users to safely fold these accessories into a smaller size. As these fold outward, any possible damage like scratching of the lenses is avoided. The arms sit snugly in the middle to avoid any pressure points that could weaken the hinges.

Once folded, these compact sunglasses will fit into a tiny and convenient compartment that allows the wearer to ride a bike, or stash into a mini handbag. This innovative sunglasses provides a whole new dimension to the flexibility of wearing sunglasses and makes it a perfect choice for work, play and everything in between.

Custom foldable sunglasses can be a big investment for marketers that wish to get their message out into a wider audience. These hard working sunglasses offer a value added gift for your clients and customers while providing a wonderful business solution for marketers to get noticed.

Foldable Sun Ray Sunglasses

While you choose these popular sunglasses for your branding, your investment is sure to pay off all year long. Ideal for all year round, these sunglasses can be imprinted with interesting quotes, artwork, jokes or something extra other than logo and message to enhance the classic style and make it more  interesting.

The best part of custom foldable sunglasses are less likely to be misplaced or dropped because it is easy to carry these sunglasses safely when you are not using these. Handing out custom foldable sunglasses will change the game of your sunglasses loving clients forever. They may be even tempted to make these sunglasses their constant companions wherever they go!

Foldable Blues Brothers Style Glasses - White

 With folding sunglasses, your recipients don’t have to compromise on style or personality for practicality because these shades excel in all departments with equal ease. Foldable Malibu sunglasses are UV resistant and ideal for the sunny outdoors. Robust yet compact enough to throw into an overstuffed pack or pocket, these sunglasses will look good with every single outfit.

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